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I was playing through Fallout: New Vegas again and stumbled, as I have many times, into North Vegas. I've never really felt a huge need to go to North Vegas- IIRC there's no major questlines that bring you there, and Westside / Freeside both have better merchants, sidequests, and ambient NPCs.

There is exactly one reason I go to North Vegas, and that reason is "Someone To Watch Over Me".

Someone To Watch Over Me is the only marked quest in Vanilla FNV that is started in North Vegas- there's an unmarked quest regarding Jules that gets you an ammo recipe, but I've never been much for hand-made ammo in this game outside of shotgun rounds. The quest is multi-staged, with the first two stages being entirely unremarkable 'go talk to these people and make them go away' quests, either through violence, speech, or barter.

It's the third stage of the quest that I like so much, and it's not because it's this long, drawn out affair, it's not because it's such an arduous task to complete, but because it has so little to do with the story. There's no factions involved, there's no overarching story plot that is revealed to you, there's not even much of an element of Fallout to it other than the fact that Andy, the quest stage's arguable antagonist, is a ghoul. That's precisely why I like it- the final stage of Someone To Watch Over Me is realistic in a way that, on first playthrough, hit me rather hard.

Alice Hostetler is a girl who fell in with the wrong crowd and has been led by her circumstances to believe that there is no other way out, and in the Hostetler house you have the opportunity to make a choice that does very little to affect the game for you at large other than change your Karma. But for me, playing both Good and Evil couriers as time has passed, I've enjoyed coming back to this quest for the roleplay value alone.

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With this all said, what are some quests you think don't get enough love from the Fallout community? To name two from the other Bethesda RPGs I can think of off the top of my head, Fallout 3 has Reilly's Rangers and Fallout 4 has Here Be Monsters.

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