Update: Anti-Armor Magic Effect With (Certain) Melee Weapons

Content of the article: "Update: Anti-Armor Magic Effect With (Certain) Melee Weapons"

Some of you may remember me from a few days ago when i found that the War Glaive had a magic effect when Anti-Armor legendary prefix and the Incisor perk were used with one of its elemental blade mods. I have finally got my hands on other Anti-Armor melee weapons and did some more testing, finally finding out how this works and some other surprising little details.

The tests went as followed vs some Scorched since their armor values suck, and thus are good for accurate total damage assessments.

Anti-Armor War Glaive: 102 ballistic and 126 energy/fire/cryo (228 total). Without Incisor the damage numbers never exceeded 230 as expected, but with it the weapon did an abnormal 322 damage. That is about 100 more damage than the sum total, and thus should be impossible. I beat up more Scorched and examined their hp bars and found that the numbers matched, usually taking 1 more hit to kill them without Incisor + magic number boost. However, when used without the elemental heads for pure ballistic damage, this effect no longer worked, never exceeding its total ballistic damage.

Anti-Armor Super Sledge: 224 ballistic and 16 energy with Heating Coil mod (240 total). Damage never exceeded the sum total with and without Incisor.

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Anti-Armor Sledgehammer: 216 ballistic and 12 energy with Sharp Heated Rocket mod (228 total). Damage never exceeded the sum total with and without Incisor.

Anti-Armor Shishkebab: 61 ballistic and 58 fire with Extra Flame Jets mod (119 total). The weapon did about low 100-ish damage without Incisor, expected due to low base damage getting some armor negation even at half-armor enemies, but with Incisor this damage jumped to a massive 160. Removing Extra Flame Jets results in 61 ballistic and 31 fire damage (92 total) yet with Incisor the weapon would deal roughly 120 damage.

What seems to be happening is that with Anti-Armor elemental weapons, Incisor is adding around 75% elemental damage rather than apply the 75% armor pierce (which is multiplicative, thus very low with Anti Armor being about 37.5%). Some sort of script bug either with enemy defense values or elemental damage numbers is likely causing an abnormal interaction when Anti-Armor and Incisor are mixed together. Interestingly, standard energy damage adding mods are not affected by it, BUT weapons that have access to energy and elemental damage mods have the effect work with their energy damage mods, as the War Glaive's shock and plasma blades both had this effect work.

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Recently, someone also found that the Grounded mutation causes the players' elemental damage to be lowered, not just energy damage, so an inverse is also likely happening where Anti-Armor + Incisor magic counts energy damage as elemental if a weapon has mods for both.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you view things), this effect is extremely exclusive to very few weapons, as only the War Glaive and Shishkebab have element damage since for some reason the "Heated" hammer mods and the Sheepsquatch Staff "burning" mods aren't fire damage, but rather energy. No fist weapons have access to elemental mods either. This also means that energy melee mods still suck. This however also will likely apply to the upcoming Plasma Cutter which might be quite strong with this magic, but good luck getting a legendary variant, nonetheless a good one, of that and any Steel Dawn gear.

tl;dr: Anti-Armor + Incisor perk causes any weapon with Fire/Cryo to get a huge magic boost, which also applies to Energy damage mods IF and only if said weapon also has Fire/Cryo mods. War Glaive and Shishkebab have a magic effect that isn't particularly OP by any metric like magic shotguns were, but is still magic.

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