Update Concept: The “Death Dealers” update, focusing on improving Deathclaws and introducing a Deathclaw Mating Season.

So as we all know and can somewhat agree on, Deathclaws aren't all that scary. This game has made it too easy too become OP and has left the Deathclaw in the dust. Even in Fallout 4, they're no too hard to defeat. So, with this proposed update, the Deathclaw would/could potentially reclaim the title of most deadly creature in the Wasteland. I will also discuss a new event that can happen on certain months, a Deathclaw mating season. So lets get on with it.

1 Deathclaws aren't really fast

One of the most common complaints about Deathclaws is there tendency to dodge/flee from combat. These actions have the opposite affect of making fights easier against them. So to solve this, I propose that with each variant comes a certain "boost" to their speed and change in fighting style.

For example, the common Deathclaw should stay relatively the same, with only a 10% speed increase to make them somewhat scarier. However, higher level ones like the Savage Deathclaw and Alpha Deathclaw will receive a 20% speed increase and will rarely dodge or run away from fights. They will charge directly towards the player on all 4s, behaving more aggressively when compared to their low level counterparts. The more aggressive they are, the rare it will be for them to dodge/run away. Each variant will receive this bonus to some extent:

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Deathclaw: 10% Speed Increase

Alpha Deathclaw, Albino Deathclaw: 15% Speed Increase, Highly Aggressive

Deathclaw Matriarch, Chameleon Deathclaw: 15% Speed Increase, Moderately Aggressive

Savage Deathclaw, Mythic Deathclaw, Glowing Deathclaw: 20% Speed Increases, Highly Aggressive

That's how the variants would be separated and given their appropriate buffs. Now, moving onto damage and how to improve on that.

2 Deathclaws aren't really that strong

Another common complaint about Deathclaws is that they aren't as deadly as they should be. When compared to Yao Guai and Mirelurk Kings, Deathclaws are really the least worrying of the bunch. So I propose we actually put their claws to good use, meaning armor pen. and increased damage.

Following a similar separation, each variant comes with different armor pen. depending on how high level they are.

Deathclaw: +25 Damage Increase, 50% Armor Pen.

Alpha Deathclaw: +30 Damage Increase, 55% Armor Pen.

Deathclaw Matriarch: +30 Damage Increase, 60% Armor Pen.

Savage Deathclaw: +35 Damage Increase, 65% Armor Pen.

Albino Deathclaw: +40 Damage Increase, 65% Armor Pen.

Chameleon Deathclaw: +35 Damage Increase, 65% Armor Pen.

Mythic Deathclaw: +25 Damage Increase, 70% Armor Pen.

Glowing Deathclaw: +25 Damage Increase, 75% Armor Pen.

These damage buffs would go a long way on improving the overall damage output of Deathclaws, making them far fiercer than they originally were.

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3 Deathclaw Mating Season

During Deathclaw Mating Season, Deathclaw Matriarchs will now be protected by other Deathclaws of varying level. All Deathclaws during mating season become highly aggressive and relentless, chasing down players until they are far away from the nest. This can perhaps happen either by in-game time (following the dates in game) or doing so in-real time. Either way, this would happen during the months of July, August, and September. Once this event is over, there will be a significantly higher chance to find Deathclaw eggs in Deathclaw nests. Perhaps there could be some rewards for killing "x" amount of Deathclaws, maybe the costume from the Trailblazer achievement because that one fine looking costume.

Other than that, this is the entirety of the "Death Dealers" update, trying to make Deathclaws a threat again. What do you guys think?


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