Updated List of Spooktober Trick or Treat Halloween CAMP/Shelter Walk Participants – Add your Halloween themed build here!

Witches and Warlocks of the Wasteland:

Park your broom and be both mystified and terrified at the monstrously amazing selection of Halloween themed CAMPS/Shelters the many talented builders of Fallout 76 have created! (feel free to add yours in the comments and we will update the list further!)

We sent a howl into the night calling for anyone on any system who has made a Halloween themed CAMP or shelter to share it with us, and to add their in game name/system so other players out there can visit and experience them in person!

Its like a Trick or Treat Camp walk- at any point in October feel free to contact any of the beastly builders to set up a time to visit their creepy creations!

For fun we are suggesting players change their camp icon to the Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Icon to help identify which camps are Spookified!

Reddit user and CAMP Building Community Organizer u/TinySlipOnShoe has organized celebrations in the past with the recent MothFest and has suggested the #TrickOrTreat76 hashtag for Fallout 76 Twitter posts

The list so far:


Reddit User ID: u/Mouth_Shart

In Game System/Username: PC: knucklebonez

Description: I built a haunted maze in my mine shelter underneath my witch house.

Reddit User ID: u/Panik-X

In Game System/Username: PC: Skeezixxx

Description: Here is a link to my video walkthrough, but feel free to visit it in person if you are around the lumber mill just south of 76


Reddit User ID: u/EBT_For_CBT

System/Username: Pc: MistressPyro

Description: I’ve got a haunted house set up!!

Reddit User ID: u/casadonga

System/Username: PC user: mpickles

Description: I have Halloween themed camps for all 3 of my characters (1 is a maze/puzzle).

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s builds!

Reddit User ID: u/louiegumba

System/Username: PC: louiegumba

Description: here's my halloweed spook house and the shelter is a quarters shelter stuffed to the brim as a haunted shelter. Giant hedge maze and fun surprises in every room!



Reddit User ID: u/CombedDwarf2897

In Game System/Username: Xbox: CombedDwarf2897

Description: I’m currently working on making my motel camp into a Halloween themed motel.

Reddit User ID: u/supercIeverusername

System/Username: Xbox: rottenghoul8796

Description: I have a Halloween camp up in the mire.

Reddit User ID: u/magnificentgertrude

In Game System/Username: XBox: TMGertrude

Description: I've got a cozy farmhouse near Twin Lakes that I'm redecorating with pumpkins galore! (Outside is finished, still working on the interior)

Reddit User ID: u/looklikemonsters

In Game System/Username:Xbox: CobrahCommandur

Description: I have a spooky house in the heart of pumpkin country. Come for a visit

Reddit User ID: u/mahlin77

In Game System/Username: Xbox: mahlin77

Description: I have a haunted house. Bates motel. Texas chainsaw massacre with leatherface character. And 5 friday 13th camps. Message if you want to see them.

Reddit User ID: u/NicoleCroisiere

System/Username: Xbox: GT is NicoleCroisiere

Description: I'm working on mine on In Game I might build one on PC too (same IGN)

Reddit User ID: u/dinkinflickamynicka

System/Username: Xbox gamertag: Roughneck 85

Description: Main character has a haunted house camp, a Pyramid maze camp, and a Jurassic Park raptor pen camp. The shelters are a Mothman church, the Jerry Springer show, and a arcade/bowling alley/sportsplex.

Reddit User ID: u/NomadGamesXBONE

System/Username: XBox: NomadGames

Description: Lots and lots of building tricks and cool merges and I'm tweaking and changing it all the time. No video yet but I plan on doing one when I'm 100% satisfied.


Reddit User ID: u/Coogr77

System/Username: PS4/PS5 Coogr77


CAMP**: The Great Pumpkin!** Embrace your whimsical love for the Holiday by exploring the giant floating pumpkin which is reported to appear each night of October at random places throughout the Wasteland- last reported north of Beckley! Try your luck at fun Halloween Themed Games to win fun prizes!


The Day the Bombs Fell: Step back in time to the night of the Wastelands final Halloween, hours before the bombs fell- Go Trick or treating in a PreWar Celebration of Halloweens gone by. Search the house for hidden plushies to get the high score! Hidden Passages and building tricks ensure you will have a monster of a time!

Mystery at Seneca Rocks: Use your Detective skills to solve the mystery of the missing children's souls from the horrifying clutches of Tickles the Clown? 4 linked shelters and an overworld dedicated CAMP with puzzles and mysteries around every corner

Reddit User ID: u/Passion4TheHunt

System/Username: PS4/PS5: Passion4TheHunt

Description: I made a spooky "trap camp" for haloween. It's not really a trap camp since it is clearly indicated above the entrance and there's a clear sign on the wall that tells you to first store your junk because you may die.

It's basically a light version of a puzzle/search/agility course/escape room combination. None of the rooms are really difficult but some traps can be deadly to squishy players. Once you reach 'Hell' (=under the map), it gets really deadly. I don't steal your junk if you forgot to store it first, can't be bothered with that.

Reddit User ID: u/vapidvalentine

System/Username: PS4/PS5: vapidvalentine

Description: I made a Nightmare Before Christmas themed camp in a custom world on ps4. The video I posted is here: https://youtu.be/q4gAY6Jbd_Q

Reddit User ID: u/copwifey

In Game System/Username: PS4: Diana0fThmyscira.

Description: Redecorated my CAMP for Halloween. Come trick or treat!

Reddit User ID: u/skullhoe

In Game System/Username: PS4: Dabitha303

Description: I built a creepy house near the cabins with the scream track in the forest cause I'm lazy. It's kinda basic and mostly just an empty house during the day but at night it's pretty decent. (Also I'm currently switching from full health to bloodied build so I'm going to be slowly selling off all my vampire weapons in my vendor along with cheap plans and random outfits etc.)

Reddit User ID: u/Fanglove

System/Username: PSN is xxjennyxxa

Description: I built a halloween house https://www.reddit.com/r/fallout76settlements/comments/q367er/my_spooky_house/

Reddit User ID: u/FritoZanzibar

System/Username: PSN : FritoZ


CAMP: Dr.Froogenstein's Wheel of DOOM Adventure Camp

Can you survive the wickedly deceptive labyrinth that is the Castle of Dr.Froogenstein? Hunt down hidden creatures for chances to spin the infamous Wheel of DOOM- earning fabulous Halloween Themed In Game prizes! Videos and Pics coming


The Haunted Maze: 3 Linked Shelters each with independant sub quests- Each stage has unique themes: Old School Haunted House, Bramble Insanity, and Lair of Grognak

The Asylum: A Journey into Madness- You awake with amnesia inside a 1800's mental asylum strapped into a straight jacket- Can you escape and reclaim your lost memories?

The People Under the Stairs: Explore the eerie mansion of the Hornwright Family's Ancestors, use your detective skills to unravel the mystery of the missing family


Reddit User ID: u/MarioDatPeachMuncher

In Game System/Username: Gameboy: ToddSaidNoReggieSaidYes

Description: Sorry Wastelander, your Princess is under attack and needs your help!


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