vault ideas I’m throwing out there for my story.

while i am new here I saw a few posts about fan vaults so I'm throwing my own hat into the ring with my own vaults, to see if these ideas are good and to get opinions.

vault 104: location New Orleans

this vault was designed to see what would happen if you put a bunch of lawmen (from beat to swat) and their families inside a vault (around 500 or so) then after a decade or so released a bunch of criminals with varying criminal records (from simple parking violations to mass murder) from cryosleep. armed with a G.E.C.K the vault itself had several armories, and I don't mean 9mms and bb guns, I mean assault rifles, power armor, energy weapons, mini nukes the whole 9 yards. Plus, unlike the similar vault 34 they had the blueprints, materials and workspace to make more weapons and armor. There is also the secret compartment of the criminals that would open up, but along with that several stashes of Chems quietly open all over the vault, along with some secret drug labs that would also quietly open, also instead of Mr. handies floating around it was Mr. Gustys. the idea of the vault was to see the difference of qualities of a human, is it natural or nurtured, is bad ideas and habits you are born with it or does it come from someplace else.

In my story about fallout, the vault started out fine at first, that was until the criminals were released, the more… troubled ones got their hands on weapons and tried to take it over but… professional lawmen remember, the vault was on strict Mashal law until the door opened. When the vault doors a century later opened the criminals immediately ran out and became the chem men, drug runners/ junkies. the remaining people (mainly the lawmen's decedents') wanting to prevent the same from happening to their vault decided to go into the area of New Orleans to enforce the law and eliminate raider tribes, they gained the moniker of the under cops due to their vault origin.

vault 4-b (4 beta): location Texas near Louisiana

vault 4-b is a test vault to see if the idea of project shelter would work, and after it was deemed a success, the vault was later turn into a hybrid vault of sorts, the vault doubled as a research outpost during the prewar times and an actual vault, to help with the research of projects like robotics. the vault itself was centered around the question of "what if you put a bunch of egg heads in a room together." the vault had chemists, astrophysicists every type of engineer under the sun even a gastrologist (a food scientist) along with their families, the vault itself had a TON of stuff, from big libraries to store all their knowledge, state of the art air and water filtration, clean nuclear power plant, and every type of robot besides robo brains, to even a bowling alley, bar, mini bottling plant, interior gardening dome and every type of lab under the sun. But the main feature was a terminal system, essentially if the robot or person would find an issue (let's say slow cleaning speed) they couldn't solve or can't din a good way found a way, they would log it into the terminal for someone else to do it (for robots it is default), to make sure these people would DO these tasks it would come with a reward of in-vault tokens that is used as currency, the value scales on how hard the job is, and in case the library would go up in smoke there is a small mainframe for storing stuff. Another difference is that the vault door itself was able to be open and closed when-ever the occupants feel like, not like most vaults where they just open and close on an internal clock, plus they not only have a few G.E.C.Ks, but also have the capabilities to create more. The ultimate purpose was to see what would be made if you cram a bunch of scientists of every stripe in a confined space.

In the story I'm making about fallout, the residents came out of the vault, sometime around 2250 (time may change) when they emerged, they used one of the G.E.C.K.s outside the vault door and created the city of new Athens, but they weren't alone, several tribes were in the area, including a few that escaped Caeser's legion, some attacked the town but due to advance prewar tech and robots they have it was suicide, so some of the smarter tribes offered the new Athenians a deal "we raid and sell you our stuff, if you can sell us weapons and fix our stuff." the Athenians agreed, so as time moved on and settlements began to pop up, and after half a decade they started teaching some the settlements, like building robots, electricity and all that stuff, and other than some more aggressive raiders and some migrating supper mutant groups kicking around things were fine… then the brotherhood of steel came, for you see the west coast chapter after seeing the return to form the east were doing, decided to send reinforcements and supplies up east… but part of that fleet was caught in a storm, and decided to land in an airport, there they found a group of super mutants welding Lazor weapons and a few even had plasma guns, the head mutant had a gatling laser, after the mutants were defeated they interrogated the leader o find that they have gained most of these weapons NOT from the airport or nearby areas itself but from caravans, the brotherhood then killed the leader and soon started searching for the source, there some of the brotherhood scouts found a settlement booming with prewar tech, so the brotherhood came and successfully "liberated" the tech, but they soon came back a day latter it had half the tech it had and was meeting with a caravanner, the brotherhood questioned the people and caravanner and they told them about new Athens and it not only selling prewar tech, but making and teach people how to use and build more. The brotherhood soldiers the "extradited" the talented individuals into the brotherhood and sent a described scribe to go with the caravanner to see new Athens to see if it was real, and sure enough it was.

the scribe returned and told them stories of a town that seemed to be untouched by the bombs, and he held up a modified brotherhood laser rifle that he got done for a few caps. So, the brotherhood assuming the worst went there and gave the new Athenians and ultimatum, join the brotherhood of steel or be forced into the organization. The Athenians shrugged it off, then the brotherhood attacked and soon the raider wars began (the reason why it was called that is that the raiders did most of the fighting.) but in the end new Athens was taken by the brotherhood and the raiders kicked out or destroyed, a good chunk of the Athenians saw witch way the wind was blowing and soon dipped taking 2 of the G.E.C.K.S with them, and they were followed by the defeated tribes, rouge robots, an even a small group of super mutants with a bos squad hot on their heels, the rest of the new Athenians weren't so lucky, their leaders and the mainframe were sent up north west to face judgement at the hands of the elders (and for the mainframe to keep out of enemy hands) while the rest were slowly indoctrinated into the brotherhood, those who didn't join became serfs to the brotherhood. part of the group resumed the journey to the east while rest stayed and became the Spanish chapter. Today the vault is the HQ of the Spanish chapter of the brotherhood of steel, where Squiers pour over every scrap of paper and knights go out to collect the remaining tech the Athenians sold and then some.

so, what do you think, opinions and other ideas are welcome.


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