Vault Shelters, Building, and Improvements

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​Hello hello!

So after some playing around in the vault shelters, I have a few bits of feedback!

Gut the inside of the three shelters.

  • Make them empty, concrete or vault walled spaces of three different sizes with a door and let us fill the space.

  • Give us the vault build stuff from Fallout 4 and allow us to build a vault inside of those spaces.

  • As they are, the three spaces are too defined already, they have an identity and a structure, and we need the to be the ones to give our spaces an identity that we see fit


  • For the love of everything holy, we need displays! Whether wall, magazine/bobble displays or the holy and much anticipated armour and PA displays, the lack of displays in Shelters is a huge oversight.
  • I am told that the display issue is a problem as they're tied into the vendor system – it's a good move that we can't put vendors into the shelters, but this seems a good a time as any as to decouple the two from each other. You have a few months; make the two separate and let us display in our shelters!
  • This was one of the main things anticipated about the shelters. Don't break our hearts.


  • Whether vaults or the datamined other types available to us, having the ability to plant resources in our shelters is a must for us!

  • If it is a matter of worrying that we'll have huge farms, limit them like turrets and the like are! Having a vault farm and what have you is definitely on the wish list, and having it denied is saddening.

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  • Don't make us wire things up – give everything an ambient power use and allow wired switches/pressure plates to flip power on or off. (So a bunch of traps wired to a plate would only turn on when the plate is stepped on, otherwise it defaults to off).
  • There is a limit to how much can be wired, and I don't want to have to wire everything up.
  • Allow power, where possible, to travel through all shelters. Don't make us have to put a generator in each one!

So that's it for now. I'll keep tinkering and see what else comes up.​ Thanks for checking in.

(I tried to post this on the PTS forums but it seems like that bloody awful Akismet set up is refusing to take posts at the moment due to load)

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