Vending Machine Issue

First post, play on PC via Steam. Hello everybody.

So I have noticed something strange that occasionally happens to my vending machines and my inventory whenever I have Nuke Cards for sale. I am also wondering how or if this relates to items being sold from your inventory when they are not listed for sale.

Yesterday evening, I viewed my CAMP from the map view and saw that I had (1) MISC item for sale. I went to my vendor and sorted by MISC, but there were no MISC items listed for sale. Viewing my inventory via the vending machine showed the Nuke Cards on two separate lines with totals of 6 and 13, but neither were listed as for sale. No price tag on the left and no cap price on the right for either one. **I had put 6 Nuke Card up for sale either early that morning or the day prior.

I was going to re-list them for sale so I started clicking on the line with the 6 cards so they would transfer into my personal inventory. I am clicking on the line with 6 cards, but the cards from the line with 13 are the ones transferring over. The 6 cards do not start transferring over until the 13 are removed. I then put the 6 cards back up for sale and went to my inventory box to deposit 15 cards (had 2 in my personal inventory).

I went back to the map view and my CAMP showed (7) MISC for sale. What the heck?? From the vending machine interface, I removed the 6 Nuke Cards and every MISC item that the vending machine was displaying from my inventory. The map view still showed that my CAMP had (1) MISC item for sale. I have no idea what is registering as the (1) MISC item. I stored the two Cash Registers and re-placed them, but it still showed (1) MISC. I may try scrapping and making new the next time that I log in.

I have had this happen on several occasions on two separate toons, but I always just re-listed them, paid it no attention, and went on my way. This time, I started inspecting other CAMPS that had MISC items for sale. I went to two CAMPS that had (7) MISC listed, three had (1) MISC and one had (67), but none had any MISC items for sale when viewed from the vending machine.

I don’t know if it is limited to only Nuke Cards or if it is only limited to MISC items in general. I have never noticed or witnessed any other item (stackable or not) besides Nuke Cards getting de-listed from the vendor. I have also never clicked on an item to transfer it and the one below it transfers. The only time I have seen a stackable item listed separately (not counting cores) is when I gave CDR Daguerre a Stimpak and then picked up the Quest Stimpak. The diamond disappeared upon completion, but it is still separate in my inventory. That makes sense though.

Question: Could the game be viewing Nuke Cards as a non-vendor item because they are also awarded free from the Atom shop and the Scoreboard (Season 6/Rank 27/5 Cards)? The game then kicks them out of the vending machine, but it leaves a placeholder for it’s for sale spot. It then randomly assigns an item from your inventory to fill that spot?

I shoot down a lot of cargobots so I always have a lot of Nuke Cards and most go in the vendor. I get 5 from the scoreboard and have 3 on me; 7 go in the vendor for ~300 caps. I have had them kicked out of my vendor multiple times and each time they behave the same way when I transfer them over. Something gets janky with them.

I have never “witnessed” anything being sold from my inventory that was not listed for sale. That being said, I had the Scorchbeast Plushy Plan in my inventory a couple of days ago, but now I do not.

The RNG during the last Treasure Hunter Event was atrocious. So many crafted pails and nothing, but junk. I found the Scorchbeast and the Snallgaster Plushie plans for ~2.5K each while vendor hoping on the alt a few days ago. I was going to transfer the two plans to my main character so I stuck them in my inventory, but now the Scorchbeast plan is gone. I don’t know if it was sold or if it just disappeared. To make matters worse, I read the Snallygaster Plan, but it didn’t take. I didn’t learn the FN thing. I guess it just works.

Anyway, apologies for the long post. I just wanted to put this out there to see if anyone had seen this happen or if they had any thoughts on it.


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