Was skeptical about getting this game. Now I can’t put it down.

Long time Fallout fan. I saw how FO76's launch made Hello Games blush. Thought that this was just a cheap cash grab and avoided it like the plague. So, I stuck with playing FO4 and New Vegas. I'm also a long-time Destiny player that was getting tired to Bungie's sub-par seasonal performance. So I figured I'd take a break from Destiny and try to find a game that scratched the explore-kill-loot cycle that I've found ever-so-addicting.

Started by trying Monster Hunter. A solid game, but just not quite the same. The combat got super repetitive. I didn't find the setting all that interesting either. Not much for customization options as well. Played it for ~15 hours and got bored.

Then, I read up on Fallout 76 and the Wastelanders update. Seemed like the game had been steadily improving since its terrible start. Bought it on Steam last weekend for $40. Thought that maybe if I hated it, I could get a refund, and that would be the end of that.

But now I'm suddenly over 20 hours in. I love it. One aspect of the Fallout universe I've always loved is the exploring and scavenging for resources. Fallout: NV lacked this, but made up for it with the RPG elements. FO4 lacked the RPG elements, but made up for it in scavenging. I'm not sure what it is about FO76, but the stress on survival and scavenging, as well as the massive, immersive world just makes it a masterpiece. I'm already level 13 and the fun has not faded. I can't even focus on my work because I'm so eager to get back out into Appalachia. Being stalked by my first Mothman was like something out of a movie. My C.A.M.P. continues to grow as I unlock more blueprints and turn my once little shack into a cliffside cabin resort.

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I hope the gaming community gives this game another look as things get better. I understand not trusting Bethesda after the shit they pulled, but this just tells me not to pre-order or buy at release. I don't like their emphasis on MTX as well as their subscription, but not owning these doesn't bother me. All things considered, they really seem committed to turning this into a positive player experience.

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