What are practically the best guns in this game with legendary effects?

I stopped playing this game few years ago and thinking about coming back from Appalachia(yes, fo76). Before I quit, I already progressed a lot – finished the Minutemen quest line, destroyed BoS(RIP Haylen, I made a mannequin on the island base facing the BoS airship base and put her clothes on it for tombstone or stg), got the ballistic weave from Railroad, and about to choose between Institute and Railroad(but put it on a long hold because I can't decide).

Though I progressed that much, I only have one legendary weapon, and it is an explosive shotgun. I upgraded my Demolition Expert perk to max level and I can demolish lots of enemies easily. But it lacks of range and very bad weapon when there are non-hostile NPCs around like defending settlements.

I love my bloodied explosive 50 cal machine gun in fo76 that can melt the scorchbeast queen in just several seconds. It looks like this gun is not in fo4 and the closest is the minigun, but I hate the need to make it spin first before it can actually fire. What's the best automatic gun with explosive legendary effect I can get without the spinning requirement, without modding the game, and ammo is very abundant(can be crafted or can be bought, I'm filthy rich in the game)? I have all the DLCs installed.

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Also, what can be my secondary weapon that I can use if there are NPCs that I don't want to be collateral damage during firefight? I'm not sure if I should go with bloodied build because I only encountered and tried it on fo76.

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