What are your made-up playstyle or rules or challenges or builds in your playthroughs?

Content of the article: "What are your made-up playstyle or rules or challenges or builds in your playthroughs?"

The ones I have used in my playthroughs:

The Survivalist.

-Probably my most common one. Rule is you restrict yourself from buying on vendors and repair and any other services (and yes, that includes doctors) and instead rely heavily on what you loot for survival and sustenance, and rely heavily on crafting and cooking.

You want ammo? You loot for it OR craft for it. Accidentally, become addicted to a chem or alcohol? Fixers, grit your teeth and muscle through the withdrawals.

-For guns loadout, anything goes. As long as the ammo comes from loot and crafting.

-Full Companions is allowed

The Naked Snake

-Based on Metal Gear Solid 3's titular character. It shares the same aspects of the Survivalist playthrough but much more stricter.

-One of such similarities is NOT using NPC services. You can still craft your ammo, but NO cooking. You eat everything RAW, like in the game. Yes all that rads, just down it in.

-And as apparent, it's a sneak-oriented build BUT with a limited loadout. Your weapon loadout MUST be only consist of 1 Main Weapon, 1 Holdout Weapon Side-arm, 1 Knife-type melee weapon, and a maximum of 3 explosives or launchers. Unarmed weapons are allowed EXCEPT any form of Powerfists.

The Main weapon must only consists of 2hand rifles and automatics, but opt out the LMG. Absolutely NO Heavy Weapons like Miniguns and Gatling Lasers. The explosives be only 3-5 lobbers of varying types or mines or IEDs; but if you decide to go the launcher route you must limit it to 12 ammo of 40mm, 25mm, Missiles or Rockets. And you can't have both Grenade Launcher and Missile Launcher, choose one and throw/store the other.

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-Only one companion at a time or no companions are allowed. I recommend getting Boone or Veronica first. I personally keep them for their quest then just let them go. For Raul and Lily a maximum of 3 days, since theirs are unmarked quests.

-NO power armor, only Medium and Light armor.

The Diplomatic Broker or The Mafia Boss

-The one I've finished recently, and its quite fun actually. As the name wasn't apparent enough, this is a Speech-centric build with a few twists.

-Avoid using any form of gun as much as possible. Focus on Barter, and Speech for Tagged skills. Then Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck for SPECIAL/Intense Training–with a bit of Perception.

-Your weapon loadout is only limited to sub-caliber pistols: 22LR, 9mm and 10mm and .357M but that should stop there. And NOTHING Else.

-Your armor should be strictly clothing type of armor, like business suits, and other civilian clothing.

-Here's the fun part, if you lack the firepower then let your companion be your firepower. You can have full companions in full gear to act as your armed posse. Whenever a fight breaks out or an ambush, let your companions do the work for you, DO NOT raise your gun but do take cover from time to time. Only fight back when you're outnumbered/outgunned or cornered.

-And yes you can access the shops and services but every weapon and ammo and armor you buy is for your companion only. And you cannot carry more than 200-250 worth of carrying weight, because why would you? You're a travelling broker, not a hoarder.

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So what's yours?

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