What do you guys think of my idea for a new human enemy called “The Appalachian Wild Man”.

Content of the article: "What do you guys think of my idea for a new human enemy called “The Appalachian Wild Man”."


New type of NPCs called Hermits and Wild Men that would have unique attacks and would be more difficult to kill when compared to a normal one. New weapons and items too.

The Appalachian Wild Men (and Women) are somewhat of a mystery in the Appalachian Mountains. They are hermits who live secluded from society, sometimes known to be violent.

My idea is to take this concept and turn it into an actual thing in game that are unique when it comes to attacks and methods to provide somewhat dangerous encounters when fighting humans.


For low level areas like the Forest, Ash Heap, and Toxic Valley, have them be called hermits. Hermits are typically found in the forest in small shacks. They can be hostile or friendly, and typically aren’t too challenging to kill if you find a hostile one. If you enter their house, they will say different things depending on what kind of hermit they are. Friendly Hermits for example would say something like:

“Nice to have company, stay as long as you like”

Aggressive hermits would tell the player to leave and eventually turn hostile if they don’t.

Hermits are just secluded NPCs that aren’t inherently hostile. However, should you make your way Eastward toward the Savage Divide, you may come across paths with a hermit. This hermit would warn the player about what lies within the Savage Divide, and maybe say something along the lines of “Don’t be scared of what lies within it, be scared of what hunts in it.” Maybe if the player asks what he means, he could bring up a group of people known as the Appalachian Wild Men.

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Appalachian Wild Men

The wild men are a type of human that can be found all throughout the eastern part of the map. These locations include The Savage Divide, The Mire, and The Cranberry Bog. Unlike hermits, the wild men had decided to stay in WV and have been in WV ever since Vault 76 was sealed, and even after the Scorched plague wiped out almost all the factions. They are known to be hostile and will kill for supplies, and ambush sites can be found all across the 3 regions that can have different traps set up. Sometimes players can find the aftermath of an ambush, such as finding an attacked caravan. There are different kinds of wild men, with the three main types being:

Appalachian Wild Man/Mountain Man (The Savage Divide)

Mire Man (The Mire)

Bog Man (The Cranberry Bog)

Each one would have a different way of attacking players and NPCs alike.

The Wild Men/Mountain Men

The Appalachian wild/mountain man would primarily attack by charging at players/NPCs with a variety of shotguns, using different types of ammo to their advantage. This could/would include dragons breath, explosive, and bait shells. Bait shells are a new special ammo used by this NPC that coats the target in a rotten meat scent that attracts predators such as wolves, yao guai, mongrels, and even a deathclaw to attack the target. Should they sustain enough damage they will attempt to flee by throwing makeshift smoke bombs that temporarily disable VATS.

As for what they would look like, maybe use the Appalachian Trailblazer achievement icon for their appearance.

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The Mire Men

The mire men are the mire’s version of the wild/mountain men. They hide in water and wait for someone to get near the water to jump out and attack.They prefer to ambush players using a combination of mirelurk grenades and melee weapons. The mirelurk grenade is a special grenade using a certain high frequency to attract mirelurks that will attack anything near the source of the sound. Maybe even have a mirelurk pipe bomb that inflicts bleeding by using mirelurk shell shards to cut into their targets flesh. As for their weaponry, they could use meat hooks claws or a new mirelurk shell knife glove to cut into the target. Perhaps to make it more difficult is that they can actually stagger or cripple players and are slightly faster than players.

As for what they look like, maybe have them where ghillie-ish suits (not jean pants ffs) with strangler vines and algae on it to blend in with the environment.

The Bog Men

The bog men prefer to attack from the shadows, using stealth to their advantage. They introduce a new rifle, the AMR, which although fires slow can provide deadly damage from long distances. They will primarily target the head and go for the cripple when they can. They have extremely high perception that makes it almost impossible to stealth attack from a certain distance without being detected. The AMR has high armor penetration and makes it extremely deadly to those out of PA, and still is to those who are. If you get close they take out a flare gun to try and attract scorched and scorchbeasts to your location and will flee far enough to begin attacking you again.

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As for what they would look like maybe have specialized gear to show how they haven’t gotten infected with the scorched plague. Like a special gas mask.

What do you guys think of this?

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