What do you guys think of my idea of an enemy?

Content of the article: "What do you guys think of my idea of an enemy?"

The Appalachian Wildmen serve no one and are secluded people who typically keep to themselves. They can be found amuck the forests of Appalachia but are extremely dangerous when encountered. Unlike other foes, they prefer to use stealth tactics and have an insanely high perception. They know the lands better than anyone and are equipped with some gear usually made from hide that comes from a variety of animals, usually modified to help them keep a low profile and blend in with the wilderness. There are scripted encounters where they lay an ambush on one of the main roads, and a player can be ambushed by one. Sometimes there are groups of Wildmen working together, but it’s a rare encounter.


Wildmen can be found anywhere where there is a forest, with the most popular regions being The Forest and The Savage Divide. Two different variants of Wildmen are within The Mire and Cranberry Bog and are called Swampmen and Bogmen.


Swampmen are usually found near or in rivers and ponds. They typically lie in wait for someone to pass by, then attack them relentlessly with a melee weapon. Should the person get too far when under attack, they take out a shotgun and charge at the target while shooting. Once they get close enough again, they will continue using melee attacks which can stagger opponents consistently. What they use to hide themselves is a ghillie suit covered in vines and moss in order to conceal themselves in the water, using a special breathing apparatus that allows them to stay submerged for long periods of time. They are very high level and a major threat should they get close. A specialty that Swampmen have is the “War Cry” ability, which gives a -25% armor debuff and is used right after they run out of the water to ambush their target, lasting for around 1 minute. The war cry itself isn’t really a cry but a scream, that is amplified by the apparatus they where to make it sound more akin to the Aztec Death Whistle. In case you don’t know what that sounds like:

.Should they reach the 50% health point, they will instead initiate a high frequency noise that will debuff perception by 2 and slightly blur vision. The tool is typically used on Mirelurks in order to stun them somewhat, but can be tuned to a pitch to affect humans as well.


Bogmen reside in the Cranberry Bog and can be encountered near areas where the brush is high or have trees. They typically like to fire at their targets stealthily using high calibre sniper rifles with a unique suppressor that makes almost no noise. The gear they wear helps them stay hidden from scorched and scorchedbeasts, while also protecting them from the plague. They will typically aim for the head and limbs of a character. Should you get close enough, however, they will take out a Scorchbeast knife tooth and charge at the player and attack furiously. The ability they have is the “Bloodrage” ability, making them more and more aggressive as they lose health. They gain an initial 5% attack speed and damage boost, and max out at 30% attack speed and damage boost. Before they attack you, they will attempt to cripple you by targeting your legs and firing at them in order to prevent you from running, making you an easy target to pick off. They gain a 20% cripple bonus while attempting to do so when you are not close enough.

So what do you guys think? I think it would be a nice challenge for high level players, making it more dangerous to wander throughout Appalachia unprepared.

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