What do you think each game has done well and not so well?

Most comparisons between the different games are just one side saying X game is better than Y game. Usually they point out all the good from X and all the bad from Y, while ignoring the things that X has done wrong and Y has done right. IMO each game has at least improved on one thing from the last even though it may have gotten worse somewhere else so what’s that one thing for you?

Out of the games you’ve played or at least watched playthroughs of (I’ll indicate if I haven’t actually played the game yet) what do you like and dislike about them? I won’t list everything I like and dislike about each game since that’d take way too long but I’ll just throw out a few things that I can think of.

Fallout 1 (only watched a video series):

-Personally, I enjoy how the different cities and areas felt alive. Since there wasn’t much exploring of the wasteland itself it was nice to see that there was so much depth in the cites and towns.

-As for what I disliked I realize that this isn’t a fault of the game itself given the time that it was released I just wish there was more of the wasteland to explore.

Fallout 2 (watching a series atm):

-I’m not too far into the game yet so I can’t say much other than so far it’s got the same pros and cons as the first game.

Fallout 3:

-The first time really exploring the wasteland, for both the series and me, it was the first Fallout title I’ve ever played although I didn’t get very far my first time around. I like the general post apocalyptic vibe of the wasteland, DC had to be the biggest target for nukes on US soil so it makes sense that it’s a literal wasteland.

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-What I didn’t like ironically enough was that it was a near total wasteland. Oasis was a breath of fresh air when I first discovered it but it felt like it would’ve been much nicer if it was expanded just a little bit to add some variety in the areas.

New Vegas:

-I like almost everything about the factions. The reputation system, major/minor faction distinctions, disguises, etc… the ways that they were used in the story is great along with seeing the relationships between the different factions.

-My problem is that there’s no reasons to like/dislike a faction, or at least no inherent reasons and that can make it harder to progress the story. Take the legion for example, they’re bad. People tell you this, you see Nipton, you can see the camps, etc… but until you wrong them they aren’t bad to you. I can understand keeping them friendly if the reputation was permanent but it gets reset later on so why not have them start out hostile to really hammer home that they’re the bad guys?

Fallout 4:

-Power Armor, exploration, and survival. The new power armor system just feels right. Before it was good armor but it was just good armor, 4 really put the “power” in power armor and made it feel like a walking tank. Also, the exploration in the game was great so many small details and locations in between the important areas makes exploring fun, just looking for hidden stories is almost as fun as everything else in the game. Survival is self explanatory, combined with the great exploration it makes for a really fun albeit frustrating experience.

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-What I didn’t like was just the general feeling that certain things are missing. For example the Kellogg “flashbacks” from Nick, it really felt like that was supposed to go somewhere and it didn’t. There’s other examples but that’s once that sticks out to me

Fallout 76:

-Exploration 2.0. 76 took the exploration from 4 and made it 16x better (hehe). In all seriousness the different biomes combined with the variety of creatures would make even an empty world fun to explore. But one of the games initial weaknesses actually turns into a bit of a strength, with no NPCs at launch stories needed to be told environmentally so there are a lot of great stories just sitting around on notes, holotapes, and terminals across the map. The level of environmental storytelling is something that I hope we get in every Bethesda game from now on, hopefully alongside NPCs from the start however.

-One of my problems with 76 is also along the lines of storytelling. It just feels like too many interesting things happened before we got there. The current story is interesting enough but the events pre-game feel like they could’ve been one of the series’ best stories had they been told from the players perspective.

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There’s a lot more that I like and dislike about each game but there’s no way that I could get all of it down without writing an entire book. So if you want to know anything else I like or dislike about a game just ask but other than that I’d like to hear from you guys about the pros and cons of each game.


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