What has happened to all of the companions in my Minutemen play-through.

Content of the article: "What has happened to all of the companions in my Minutemen play-through."

Here's what has happened to all of my companions in my Minutemen play-through in Fallout 4.

Piper Wright: After the Institute was destroyed Piper expanded her newspaper business to include and deliver news all across the Commonwealth, she now works full-time in their new HQ in the safety of Vault 88.

John Hancock: After his adventures with the Sole Survivor, he left for Goodneighbor and continued to be the full-time mayor of Goodneighbor and (of course secretly) with the help of the Sole Survivor opened a factory in a undisclosed location in Boston, and continued to rake in caps selling chems in the Commonwealth and the Capital Wasteland.

Robert MacCready: After finding a cure for his son with the help of the Sole Survivor, the Sole Survivor provided him the caps to go with a caravan back to the Capital Wasteland.After curing Duncan, MacCready went back to the Commonwealth and with the help of the Sole Survivor became both the leading sharpshooter in the Minutemen army and became the Mayor of Spectacle Island.

Strong:After his adventures with the Sole Survivor, Strong built a shack/farm in the northern Commonwealth and started a business selling brahmin milk, and every once a month, the Sole Survivor visits Strong to make sure he's ok.

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Cait: After her Psycho addiction was cure and her adventures with the Sole Survivor were done, she returned to the Combat Zone, collected her last payment from Tommy Lonegan, stole a crate of Bee, and moved on from her past.She soon bought a house in Diamond City where she runs a how-to self-defense class full time in Diamond City.

Nick Valentine: After avenging his's fiance death and completing his adventure's with the Sole Survivor , Nick continued his detective work and soon started to branch out into other settlements in the Commonwealth.His agency soon had over 20 full time detectives specializing in missing people, kidnappings, murders, rapes, and theft.

Codsworth: After his adventures with Sole Survivor were complete, Codsworth returned to Sanctuary Hills where he spent months repairing the House of Tomorrow almost back to it's Pre-War glory.He now works full time repairing the houses in Sanctuary Hills back to their Pre-War state.

Preston Garvey: After his adventures with the Sole Survivor, Preston was appointed to Assistant General of the Commonwealth Minutemen, lead officer in charge of the Castle and all operations in the Southern Commonwealth.He now stays full time in the Castle, watching over Minutemen operations and polishing his Laser Musket.

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Curie: After her adventures with the Sole Survivor she became a full-time scientist, teacher, and researcher.Her roll in reforming the Commonwealth was critical as she helped with the re-Industrialization of the Commonwealth and teaching youths the importance of science, math, and other non-violent skills in life.She also has a team of ex-Institute scientists helping her along the way.However as she was doing this all for free, she started a prostitution ring to earn more caps that employed mostly ex-raiders and synths.She is often considered one of the most popular and successful people in the Commonwealth.

Dogmeat: Continues to travel with the Sole Survivor.

Ada:After her travels with the Sole Survivor, Ada was promoted to the lead officer in charge of the robotics division of the Minutemen, and is also one of the Sole Survivor's personal body guards.

Paladin Danse: Dead

Deacon: Dead

X6-88: Dead

Porter Gage: Dead

Old Longfellow: Dead (on accident)

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