What I want in the next game, and if I missed anything someone please add to it

Content of the article: "What I want in the next game, and if I missed anything someone please add to it"

  1. Dark humor, bring back the dark humor from the first two games.

  2. Weapons. Now fallout 76 did an okay job with adding older weapons. They even added entirely new ones. So here’s some weapons I want that haven’t returned in 76. Original 10mm pistol(fo3 or fo1), 9mm pistol/1911/Maria, m1 garand/this machine, 9mm smg, pump action shotgun (preferably the one from 76), r91 assault rifle, Chinese assault rifle, service rifle/assault carbine, auto axe, tommy gun (foNV, NOT fo4). I’m sure there’s many, many more, but that’s a few that I want.

  3. Huge map, fallout 76’s map was pretty big, but since the next game will likely come out in like 4-6 years, I expect the map to have 30x the detail, and be 6x the size of fallout 4. With amazing rendering lighting, and landscape technology. Okay basically what I’m saying is I want a giant map, bigger than 76, and with amazing graphics.

  4. Skills, bring back skills from 3 and NV (I think they were in the first two games?)

  5. Full dialogue trees, I know fo76 brought it back with the wastelanders update but there is a chance that they will change it once again, not saying it will return to the fo4 one, but it’s possible they will make a new thing, therefore I want a dialogue tree from fo3, NV, and 76.

  6. Different story, I’m tired of that cliche, “you came from a vault to save and rebuild the wasteland” story. An idea I have is that there could be a scene from before the bombs fell (like fo4) and the game takes place (probably) before 76. You go into a homemade shelter and you live there for a few years/ months. You could start out by exiting the shelter and you are tasked with something that Bethesda would decide. Hunting, starting a base above ground? Whatever. Fallout 2 and NV were pretty unique. I guess fallout 4 was as well because it started before the war. But I don’t want you starting by coming out of a vault. I just want you to be some random citizen that comes out of a makeshift shelter and saves the wasteland after hearing about a big problem. Obviously the saving the wasteland part will return but as long as it doesn’t start in a vault, I’d be okay with it. Also I don’t want a colorful forest like 76, I want a dead wasteland with maybe a small section of the map that wasn’t affected. Like with having a forest, a mostly intact town. I want that small section to look like the strip in new Vegas. Also for the part that was affected by the bomb, the sky should obviously be blue, the trees shouldn’t look like it takes place in winter (I’m looking at you fo4), and I want a somewhat colorful, yet dead, environment. Fallout 4 did that pretty good.

  7. A city, I don’t want small towns with tall buildings, I want a full on city like fo4.

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Now I know there is a lot more stuff that you guys might want, but this is what I could think of off the top of my head. Sorry if it’s too long. Hopefully you read the whole thing. Oh and I know this is A LOT to ask from Bethesda but this is what I want in the next game.

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