What is the greatest technology we have seen in the Fallout games?

Content of the article: "What is the greatest technology we have seen in the Fallout games?"

I’ve only played Fallout 3, NV, and 4 but a short list from my limited knowledge would have to include:

From Fallout 3:

The Enclave’s Deathclaw mind control devices from Fallout 3 – risky and constantly used against them but absolutely wreaked havoc when successfully utilised.

Liberty Prime – he was fuckin’ massive like. And rebuildable like Lego apparently.

The Water Purifier – seems like it would be helpful.

The Enclave’s orbital missiles – managed to wipe out Liberty Prime and (big whoops on my part) the Citadel.

The Gary cloning stuff – I know it was just a joke but cloning tech has the potential to be a game changer if used on non-Garys.

The Zeton stuff – I never played this dlc because aliens but I’ve heard they nuked the planet or some shit so they get a spot on the list. Also space travel.

The big blue laser gun I killed the Enclave with in the dlc – it could one-shot helicopters (probs something they should’ve packed for their trip to the Commonwealth really).

Fallout New Vegas:

The deathray-from-space gun you get with Veronica – I know she dissed it but I thought it was neat.

Mr House’s securitrons – proved an absolute game changer in the Battle for Hoover Dam and I gave them all angry army faces to make them stronger. Grr.

Pretty sure there was a vault that could grow plant monsters – seems a pretty lame idea but you could grow your own army which would be pretty dastardly in an eco-friendly kinda way.

The Boomers’ WWII bomber – maybe a bit dated but still a bit of a game changer in the current post-nuclear climate.

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Fallout 4:

The Synths – being able to replicate people and make them super OP is a mad tech to have.

Teleportation – possibly the maddest tech we’ve seen? Who needs big badass bases if you can just Star Trek yourself into an underground bunker?

The Prydwen – I don’t know if it’s just an obnoxious waste of resources to make your base an easily penetrable hot air balloon but still a cool effort.

Any others I’m missing? I know the Big MT had some mad shit going for it but all I remember from that is ‘MOOBIUS’ and the talking toaster, which doesn’t seem worthy of making the list.

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