What makes a good fallout game PART 1

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Now before i start people might disagree with me on this but this is what i think makes a good fallout game and you can hate on this as much as you want. (sorry for it being to long and sorry for any spelling errors)

To start off I believe what makes a good fallout game is the world itself and what i mean by that is that i want to feel like im apart of the world itself rather than me being the world i dont want NPC coming up to me saying “oh my god its our saviour” no i want a world where people react in a way where they have heard of me but not directly like in Vew vegas where they say things like i hurd what you did for us rather than in other fallout games where everyone gets down on their knees and sucks your dick for what you have done for the wasteland i dont want that i wanna feel like a person in a world trying to survive rather than a god that people just worship thats how i feel about the world moving on to other stuff

Settlement building now this is a different idea so bere i go i think on paper it sounds like a good idea but when being used it went down hill kinda fast dont get me wrong i love building bases for my settlers but it felt like there wasn’t enough and bethesda could have done so much more but they didn’t thats why mods are so useful they put things into settlement building that should have been there but weren’t but with the idea of setting up a small trading town in the waste sounds good right and other wastelanders could trade at a market you made that sounds like a good idea right well it is in my opinion thats why i enjoy fallout 76 building a little more than 4 i know what people are going to say that 76 is shit but the building idea in it is better let me explain in 76 you build a base for yourself a home possibly a trading outpost for others while in fallout 4 you have to manage water, food, beds, security and happiness its so stupid that it hurts i just want to build a house in the middle of a forest where sometimes NPC will buy stuff from me and i know you might be able to do this in fallout 4 but it doesn’t feel the same and thats my opinion on settlement building

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Quests are an iconic piece of fallout but in my opinion questing between fallout 4 and NV are for me 50/50 let me explain in 4 i like the quests but i wish their were more unique quest ideas rather than going to a place kill a raider then your done in NV this kinda was different you might do the same thing but at the end depending on what you did could effect the way people react to you with the reputation system example being taking all the bottle caps for yourself after a quest might lead to negative reputation while in 4 the NPC would just tell yku to leave if they could blend the 2 ideas together then it would work i mean sure they added the reputation system into 76 but that changes nothing you gain and lose reputation but they wont kill you if you have minus reputation i mean WTF.

These were some of my opinions ill make another part of this because 1 would be way to long

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