What makes a good fallout quest part 3

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This is part 3 of what i think im my opinion makes a good fallout game sorry for any errors and if its to long.

Followers are unique to the fallout games fallout NV had some of the best companions in the fallout series fallout 4 was second best excep for nick valentine who by far is in my opinion the best followers in the sense of story not strength and health thats what i think makes good companions in fallout a good story and a quest that changes they way that they might think and feel and you helping them make a decision on what they think is the right path for them like helping raul in fallout nv deciding on if he should pick up his guns again in fallout 4 the companions were changed so you could have relationships with them and comparing to fallout 3 companions bethesda did a great job improving them if for the next fallout game they could put in the idea of companions from fallout nv with their emotions and decisions at the end of their quest with fallout 4 and its relationship options might make companions better.

Story in fallout bethesda games feels like a common thing fallout 3 your dad goes missing follow in his steps to find him fallout 4 your son goes missing follow in his kidnappers footsteps to find him fallout 76 find the overseer and follow in her footsteps in NV its you getting shot and following in the footsteps of the person who tried to kill you and getting caught up in a war for the hover dam to be far this kinda happens in fallout 4 with the institute but it kinda feels all the same i feel that they should start your story with your character entering a new land with your character having no past and working your way up to a main story i cant think of a new story they could do i just wish for somthing different.

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Factions in fallout have alwats been a thing in fallout 3 and 4 the brotherhood of steel is the most powerful army you could possibly find and are part of the main story in the sense that you need to have the brotherhood of steel help you defeat the enclave and institute but fallout 4kinda changed this with different endings but i want factions that dont really become invloved in the main story like the followers of the apocalypse i want factions like those but i also would like an entire new faction that originated from other factions like if a new army was formed from some NCR deserters but those are just my opinions on factions

Ill be making a next part probably talking about DLC and ect thanks for reading

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