Which Fallout: NV ending is the best for the people of the Mojave and why: Yes Man or House?

So in my opinion you shoudn't side with the NCR or the Legion in the Battle of Hoover Dam because the leadership of both sides are willing to steamrole over the people of the Mojave just to satisfy the imperialistic ambitions, and frankly most of the people that you deal with in the NCR (Moore, Kimball, Oliver) and the Legion (Caesar) are rather condescending and rude.

That is why I have boiled it down to two options: House and Yes Man. But I am having a hard time trying to decide which is best for the people of the Mojave. So who do you think which path is the best option for the Mojave.

But before you do let me just give you an analysis on the pros and cons of both options.

So with House, you got a guy who seems like a much nicer boss, compared to Kimball and Caesar. He's not exactly good, but he's not exactly bad either. And while, there are those like Arcade who claims that House is a tyrant towards the people of New Vegas there is not much evidence that he has taken any actions to oppress anybody, other than his irrational hatred of mutants and ghouls. Of course on the flip side, with the exception of bringing clean water, electricity, and public order to the denizens of the strip, he hasn't really done anything to improve the lot of the people of Freeside, Westside, and North Vegas, or any of the other settlements in the Mojave. In fact he seems more interested in using the resources of Vegas and the Mojave to complete his grand plan of space colonization. And while it sounds like a noble goal, given the state of the world and all, wouldn't it be better to invest those resources in creating more practical technologies like G.E.C.K.s, solar collectors, and water purifiers and instead of some vanity project. All in all House is definitely the lesser of two evils when compared to the NCR and the Legion, but I'm not sure his vision is the one the Mojave needs right now.

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Then there is the other option: Yes Man. So basically as far as I know Yes Man doesn't really have any long-term goals for Vegas or the Mojave, and in all honesty the Wild Card path isn't all that different from the House path, it just gives you more freedom in how you deal with all the various factions. Personally, I'm leaning towards this path because I believe the Wild Card path may ultimately lead towards the creation of a government that is focused on bettering the lives of the people of the Mojave. Granted some of General Oliver's complaints are valid, and a lot of the people who live in the Mojave aren't really that interested in creating infrastructure and businesses let alone nation-building. But I still believe that it is possible to turn the Mojave into a nation that can rival the NCR and the Legion so long as you have the resources, (Big MT and the Sierra Madre), good trade agreements (NCR, Sorrows/Dead Horses, Great Khans) and the right leadership (good/neutral karma charismatic courier, Marcus, the King, Pearl, Julie Farkas). The only thing that worries me is Yes Man, at the end of the game he says that he's going to given himself upgrades that will make him more "assertive", but I'm not sure whether that's a good thing. Their is literally no way of telling whether or not these upgrades will make be better, just as bad, or worse than the leaders of the three major factions. And if they do turn him rogue he might try to take over Vegas with the upgraded Securitron army, so he can impose he own dictatorship or autocracy. But other than that this does seem like the best option to go for, unless I am missing something else.

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So now that I have made my arguments please feel free to comment on why you think House or Yes Man is the best choice for the people of the Mojave.


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