Why a Remake of Fallout: New Vegas would be better (right now) than Fallout: New Vegas 2

Content of the article: "Why a Remake of Fallout: New Vegas would be better (right now) than Fallout: New Vegas 2"

TLDR: Probably would take less time; hesitancy after the Outer Worlds; addition of cut features + bug fixes; revamping content; re-balancing; safer investment

The purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft has left many speculating about the future of the Fallout. Since it is unlikely, given the development of Starfield and TES6 and the reception to Fallout 76, that Bethesda will touch the IP within this decade, this leaves a dilemma for Xbox: they just spent all this money for these famous IPs, one of which being Fallout, but it is unlikely that any development by Bethesda for Fallout will occur in the near future, meaning Xbox would see a much lower return on investment. The obvious solution would be to have another studio (such as the studio responsible for making what fans consider the best game in the series, which they also own) to make it. This idea has also garnered popularity among the gaming community, since "Fallout New Vegas 2" has become a tagline for the acquisition. While I would love a New Vegas-esque game set somewhere else too (maybe somewhere like Washington that explores US-Canadian relations following the war), I actually believe that a remake of Fallout: New Vegas and potentially Fallouts 1 and 2 would be better than another spin-off, at least immediately following this acquisition.

Firstly, given that Obsidian is currently working on Avowed and an unknown project led by J.E. Sawyer, it is unlikely that they are going to be releasing a full-scale Fallout game in the near future, unless the latter is canned. Writing, scripting, recording, animating, and designing a whole new game would take much longer than simply up-scaling existing assets in New Vegas. By the time a brand-new game would come out, the hype from this deal being announced will likely have died down significantly, whereas a remake with an earlier release date would help get the franchise back in good graces and help prepare the way for future installments.

Secondly, while I think the game is still better than Fallout 4, I agree with others that The Outer Worlds doesn't have nearly as much staying power as Fallout: New Vegas. That might be due to it being a AA game as opposed to a AAA one, meaning a lack of budget, or it could be because of design choices. In either case, it would be better if Obsidian were given the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with arguably their greatest game and understand why so many people love it before putting them to work on a "sequel" to it. It would be a shame if the reaction by Xbox to all of this hype would be to order a new Fallout game from Obsidian immediately and then have the game be called inferior to its predecessor by fans, much like The Outer Worlds was. Allowing Obsidian to remember what made New Vegas special through working on it again could help future projects both within and without the series.

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Thirdly, we all know that many features that were originally going to be in the game were cut due to time constraints. This acquisition represents the perfect opportunity to restore some of those features. The Legion was severely underdeveloped because of time constraints, as we all know, and I would love to see wwhat was originally planned for them. One minor one that sticks out to me is the Super Mutant Ranger at the NCR camp near Jacobstown. Another could be having an actual flight-simulator that can be accessed after being idolized by the Boomers. This could also allow them to fix certain bugs or otherwise annoying flaws, such as the fact that companions will drink rare consumables like Nuka Cola Victory that you put on your shelf (I killed Boone over this after he did while looking at me).

Fourthly, this could allow certain quests to be revamped. If I had to have one faction and their related quests revamped, it would be the Brotherhood of Steel. It always bothered me that no matter what they almost always remained isolationist, that it made little difference if you had McNamara deposed, or that you always had to kill them if you sided with House. If I could change it, I would have it that if you gather all of the technologies from Veronica's quest, you keep McNamara in charge, and you have a high enough Speech (or Charisma, but that I'll get to in a bit), you can convince McNamara to have the BoS take a more active part in the wasteland. This way, for those (like myself) that are willing to go out of their way for them, they can see a prosperous future for the Brotherhood. And for the House part, after stating that you had managed to convince the Brotherhood to abandon their isolationist policy, maybe he could be persuaded to allow the Brotherhood to live under his authority. House could agree to give them all of the NCR's technology and allow them to occupy Camp McCarran if they served as a police force along distant trade routes that he would rather not send his Securitrons (I'm just spit-balling ideas, but you get my point). Another would be being able to tell Christine and Veronica that you had met the other (since all the DLC would almost assuredly be included in the remaster), since it always seemed odd that Elijah left a message for Veronica but not Christine. Maybe giving Veronica the letter from Christine would lead to a new ending where she goes to the Sierra Madre to find her. Do you guys get what I'm getting at? A remaster could allow this game to become perfect.

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Fifthly, the game could use some re-balancing. Specifically, the Charisma stat. That thing is useless, and we all know it. If I had to think of a way to make it useful, I would have Charisma tie into your ability to deal with factions. As stated previously, maybe the only way to convince McNamara to engage with the Mojave Wasteland would be with a high Charisma check. The same could be done for convincing Mr. House, Colonel Moore, or the Legion that the Brotherhood can be allied with. Also, maybe having a high Charisma would allow you to speak to members of a Vilified faction without them sniffing you out. Lastly, having a high or low Charisma would influence how much reputation is gained or lost, with high Charisma yielding higher rep gained and lower lost while low Charisma would mean gaining faction rep is harder but losing it is easier. On a somewhat related note, Terrifying Presence should not be unlocked based on how high your Speech is, but instead how high your Strength is, since by the time you have a Speech stat high enough the perk is nearly useless. This would give builds with a strong-silent type vibe to talk their way out of scenarios without forcing them to dump points into Speech. Lastly, while part of me believes that max Luck makes getting money way too easy, another part of me really enjoys it and believes it adds to the role-playing aspect. But the Sierra Madre gold-bar glitch where you drag Elijahs body to the side of the barrier and then run to the other side to loot his body before leaving would more than likely be patched.

Lastly, this is probably the most significant reason for why a remaster of New Vegas would be better than a sequel: money. Here's another word for ya: nostalgia. That one word has become the marketing strategy for nearly every entertainment business these days, and now late 2000s early 2010s nostalgia is starting to kick in. What better time than now to repackage a cult classic? Plus, it would probably take a much smaller investment of time and resources to remaster New Vegas than to make a whole new game, since you can pull the voice files, quests, design, etc. from the original game. For a lot less they'd make a lot more.

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While this post is mainly about Fallout: New Vegas, I would also like to briefly explore the potential for Fallouts 1 and 2. I think the original games should definitely be ported to mobile, since the isometric style of the games and simple combat would be perfect for it. As for remakes, I myself would prefer 3D versions that pull the audio for certain characters like the Master from the original game, but I can see a case for having InXile be put in charge of remaking them while maintaining the isometric style. I'd be fine with either one as long as they were available on console.

So, there you have it. This is why I believe a remaster of New Vegas would be better to have first than a direct sequel. This is my first Reddit post, so let me know if I did well.

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