Why Are Fallout 4’s Gun Perks So Broken?

Content of the article: "Why Are Fallout 4’s Gun Perks So Broken?"

As I was going through my Nth playthrough of Fallout 4, I had wanted to do a stealthy, commando/gunslinger build but one thing I had noticed is the damage scaling from the game is just straight up broken.

When I say "Broken" I mean unbalanced, or underpowered.

Now on paper, things look pretty solid, get a 20/40/60/80/100% damage buff to using that particular set of weapons. But I can tell you, that's not the case.

While I understand that from a game design things need to be balanced out to make using a weapon more fun, at the same time in later levels of the game, it becomes blatantly obvious just how unbalanced the scaling becomes.

Lets say you just level up from 1 to 2 and your trying to decide which of the four weapon types to spec into. Automatic, pistols, rifles, heavy weapons. You would think a flat weapon buff to specific types of weapons would be good right? Have this really cool stealth build in mind, and the perfect look for your SS and you look at yourself in the creator and go "Man I look shit hot!"

Then you level up, and pick the right perk you want, and then suddenly your dealing more damage then you would do with just about any weapon in the game or piss all damage.

Allow me to explain.

The 10mm pistol you get in 111 deals around 18 Damage per shot. That's respectable for a starting weapon. Then we look at the pipe pistol and it does 13 damage. A bit on the low side, but not bad.

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Then we look at the Submachine Gun and that deals a pitiful 10 damage per shot. for something that's suppose to shoot a .45 ACP bullet? That's embarrassing.

Now, lets add in the Commando Perk, well that Submachine Gun is dealing only 12 damage. But if you put 1 point into gunslinger your 10mm is now dealing about 20 damage. That means 1 point in gunslinger and your already dealing double the damage then a submachine gun, by level 2.

I get that the Submachine gun is suppose to make up for it's lack of damage in ROF, but even then a full-auto smg, or assault rifle is not going to do nearly as much damage a semi-auto pistol. If you have even a somewhat decent trigger finger, and recoil control, you can put more lead on target then you can with any automatic weapon. Even with a maxed out receiver, and 5 points into Commando, you will still do at a maximum 32 damage per shot, compared to the 10mm's 66 damage per shot.

While I'm not expecting hyper realism, as if I wanted that I'd just play one of my other hardcore Mil-sims that I got, the gunplay has to at least be fun.

It's why I never end up using automatic weapons because their damage is so pitiful, and that there are simply better alternatives. How about the fact that even the base hunting rifle does more damage with no perks in rifleman then 5 perks into commando? And since bethesda is known for bullet spongy enemies in late game, that means even with a 100 round capacity in your submachine gun, you will likely go through at least 2 or 3 drums of ammo assuming you don't blow your load all over Cait's backside because she decided to have a boxing match with a Deathclaw. And Won.

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Honestly I'd rather have a dandelion because then I can at least hope the raider or supermutant has pollen allergy, then try and shoot them with a fully upgraded SMG.

The scaling just doesn't make sense IMO.

That in one or two levels you can effectively make anything a cake walk, or nail bitingly difficult just goes to show how poorly implemented the perk system was for that game.

Even the Hunting Rifle just feels like it's been nerfed to the ground. Yeah it can take .50 BMG ammo (or just 50 cal ammo in general), but once again, the scaling on that weapon just isn't all that good. It's great in early mid game, but in the end game, it's about as useful as tits on a bore. While the stealth sniper build is always overpowered in a bethesda game, that just further lends credence to the fact that it's gunplay is unbalanced and whacky.

Anyone else noticed these, or just me?

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