Why House is an Idiot

(I've been watching Avarti, so I've gotten "inspired" I guess you can say, so here's why House is an idiot. BTW if you haven't watched Avarti, you should.)

Robert Edwin House, the founder and CEO of RobCo Industries managed to survive the nuclear holocaust in a primitive version of cryostasis. He brought down 68 out of 77 nuclear bombs. And he's made a trade agreement with the NCR where he wins.

All sounds great, but there's a lot wrong in just how he does things, specifically involving the Three Families and Benny/the Courier.

House, for whatever reason, decided to get the Slitherkins to join him. The Slitherkins became the Omertas. The issue isn't House relying on tribals, it's that House saw the Slitherkins, knew they constantly backstabbed people, and even further encouraged it by telling them to act like the stereotypical mobsters of his time. As if Slitherkin wasn't enough of a reason to not trust these guys. He then made a deal that his securitrons can't enter the casinos unless definitely required. The Omertas literally planning to kill House, and likely would have succeeded.

Secondly, House relies on one person the entire time. Either it's Benny, his protege, or the Courier, another protege. He saw what happened with Benny, seeing how he backstabbed him, and the Courier can directly be shady and uncooperative when you first meet him and he still relies on only you. Instead of having other people to keep each other in check, he just takes the Courier (and formerly Benny) under his wing with no concern that "hey, maybe they'll want to kill me".

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Third, House's lack of security when going to kill him. You get like what, two mounted turrets and that's it? Excluding the securitrons outside the mainframe. The dude has forcefields and yet none in the area that he resides in? No extra turrets or securitrons? And then neither of the terminals that open up the control room secret door or his cryopod are locked. Like, seriously.

Lastly, House plans to backstab the NCR, his customers, and then – rely on the NCR – for customers. I mean do I really need to say much more here?


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