Why I (Personally) Think America is a good idea for a character, that was handled very poorly.

Spoilers about The Frontier and America, I only blacked out the ones about the characters from the Actual Games.

A note before I begin. I haven't got to play the Frontier, at this point I don't even know if I really want to or not, but i haven't got to get the whole experience. Best i've got is a guy who uploaded his Crusaders campaign, and god bless him for that because the vast majority of people are playing the… interesting NCR campaign, to say the least.

So, on to the actual to conversation. I like brotherhood companions, mainly Veronica and Danse, I mean Cross exists, but she doesn't… do anything, so lets act like she doesn't exist. So when I started hearing about the shitshow that was Fallout: The Frontier, and all of it was centered around the follower for the Crusaders (Brotherhood but imbued with MORMONISM), and she was an Ex-BOS member, i wanted to see what was up. I read that slave line, like everyone else did, and like everyone else who isn't literally insane, I was disgusted by it. But i didn't know the context of the character, like i'd take a guess and say the majority of the people who (like me) haven't played the mod. So I looked into it. And what i found was a genuinely good idea for a follower, and someone who could offer more commentary about the BOS and their ways,And someone who lost everything with the Brotherhood, like Danse, (Not really the Crusaders though, she just thinks they're boring from what i've seen)

If you don't know, America is a girl SOMEWHERE in her teens, that includes 18 and 19, the mod gives a Happy 18th! card on her, but that seems kind of… Sleazy. You find out she was abandoned by her parents when she was a member of the Midwest BOS (The ones from Tactics), and she was kicked out and abandoned by her parents. When you ask her further on this you can start to see her, well, break down. She holds herself together enough to tell you that she has a rare disease that makes it so you can't feel pain, and when the Brotherhood found out she was a mutant she was kicked out and left to die in the dustbowl. Her parents said they were going out to retrieve a satellite, but they just turned around and left her, and after a storm came in she lost them forever. After going west and crossing the dust bowl, she eventually met up with Mollie, who brought her in, almost like another Mother Figure to America, and she joined the crusaders, and thats where you meet her in The Frontier.

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Boys thats a lot to take in, wow. So obviously, she suffers from a few problems. The disease she has is actually real, it's exceptionally rare, only around 20 people have it, but it's a disease that's extremely hard to live with. I assume she has the version where she only can't feel pain, some people have it where they can't feel almost anything, they die because they don't know if they're too hot, cold, hungry, thirsty etc. Doesn't seem like 'Murica has those problems, so she only can't feel pain. But that's still hard to live with. You couple that on with losing everything, when she was only 15, her parents, her life, everything. It's a lot to take in. It caused her to have severe problems with depression and anxiety, she doesn't want to be abandoned again, and usually suffers mental breakdowns when she talks about it.

And thats why i think she's a great idea. She shows that the brotherhood is cruel, and even if you grew up with them if they see 1 thing wrong with you, they abandon you to the wind. She's a good mix of Danse, Who gave his entire life to the brotherhood, but when they found out he MIGHT be a synth, they ordered the player to kill him, And Veronica, Whose parents died when she was young and she was taken in by Elijah, a maniac, and slowly watched as he left her and her family refused to listen her trying to help it survive. I think America shows a good mix of the two, IMO, and that's why I think exploring the idea of depression and being scared of loneliness is a good idea for a character, your character player should step in and be that friend she really needs, and help her develop as a person and move on from he past. It would work great in an actually fallout game, and would make for an interesting companion, and in the mod she seems like a really fun person to travel with, but that's my opinion and you can always disagree. She might be the worst character in the mod, who knows, but that's my take.

But this isn't an Obsidian or Bethesda game. It's Fallout: The Frontier

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The big problem with America is enslaving her. First off, the whole idea of this was to be a way to criticize players who mindlessly click through speech checks. It didn't work. AT. ALL. Secondly, while the devs say it was not meant to be a sex slave, let's be honest. Do you know how many sex options there are in this damn mod? Of course making a young girl a slave will imply that she will be your sex slave, especially with "Little Slave Girl". People will say "Well you can enslave a child in F03" or "You can enslave Arcade in FNV", well yeah you could, but it's all about the way they (probably Odinsword, but who knows maybe it was ZuThePedo the entire time, I really don't know, but I'm suspicious in Odinsword saying Zu changed it last minute) went about it. I think using an idea like this, a hard Speech check that is evil is a good idea, but when you are dealing with a character with an illness as complex as Depression, it is really NOT a good idea to put it in. But the worst part is how you do it.

You. Break. This. Girl. And then after destroying her life she's been trying so hard to rebuild, you offer her slavery, which of course she takes up, she has nothing else left in life. She thinks everything she's ever done has been a lie

Well thats… disgusting. Why? I get it, make the vulnerable girl who someone made as a waifu be the one you can enslave, but WTF dude. At least with the kid you didn't know her (I think, i've obviously never done it) and sell her to slavers, she isn't yours. And with Arcade, well he's you kind of just say YOU GET TO BE A MEDICAL SLAVE TO THIS CRAZY GUY YOU HATE, HAVE FUN. You don't break him. You just give him away and that's that. I think the problem is mainly how you destroy this poor girl before you make her a slave, and she agrees because she has nothing else left. After reading more into her it's the part that made me even more sick. It's just disgusting. And worse yet, you then make her a Food Fetish Waifu.

What. The. Fuck. Dude.

This isn't how you handle Depression and Anxiety. I don't suffer from either of these, but i know people that do. It's insulting to write a character with these issues, and then do this to her. DevilsBlight (Guy who made the NCR Storyline) might have been… a unique storywriter. But he knew how to handle AJ, he knew that she was a rape victim and a former Legion sex slave, who saw her entire family die right before her eyes, and he made sure not to put in things like America had. I think that it is best to have these lines removed from America, but god damn do they really hurt the reputation of this mod

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It's a shame too, I like the idea of having someone come with you in your adventure who tries to be cheery and happy to make both of you feel happy, even if deep down she's in a lot of pain (Mentally, She literally can't feel pain). And i liked the voice acting for her too, it wasn't perfect, but it made her a lot more fun.

If anyone actually reads my essay, what do you think about America? Again, i haven't played the mod, it was gone by the time i heard about it. I Could be Completely wrong! Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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