Why protagonist actually beeing a synth would enchance Fallout 4 experience

Content of the article: "Why protagonist actually beeing a synth would enchance Fallout 4 experience"

There are theories for protagonist beeing a synth/android not only for Fallout 4, but also for Fallout 3 and New Vegas. But moreoften than not- those are just a theories and speculations.

If all of theories all true- it doesn't make much difference in Fallout 3 and in New Vegas. BoS in F3 won't yet see you as abomination (but outcast will) and Enclave would still be the main antagonist, meanwhile in New Vegas, only side really caring you beeing a synth would be mr. House, who may try to hijack your body, so he doesn't have to exisst as beardy reisin for rest of foreseeable future.

But, as Fallout 4, beeing a synth could make all the difference in the world. It's not like – idk, how synths are treated main focus of the game? Correct me in the comments if I'm wrong, but beeing 200 years old and knowing world before WW3 had no effect on the world, beside your family beeing chosen for DNK sample. No faction (except insitute) really gives a damm that you are pre-war odltimer, with knowledge lost in war.

Beeing a synth would change that. Railroad would be your automatic ally, brotherhood would be threat to your existence, but maybe you could Danse your way to make peace with them, Institute would try to kidnapp you and minutement would still need your help with yet another settlement. Beeing what you are would seriously affect how you concieve worlad around you.

And from now on- fanfiction: what else could be done with concept of player beeing a synth

So, story of fallout goes (SPOILERS): Your family gets frozen, your partner murdered and your kid kidnapped and you are supposed to go reverse fallout3 on him. You rescue robo-cop and he identifies who the murderer/kidnapers is, so you find him with dog, kill him, take his brain and invade his memories- to find that the Institute is behind it. To gain acces to them, you go find ex-institute supermutant scientist, kill one of insistutes terminators, decode his chip and with help of one of three factions gain acces to building of teleporter. So, you teleport in and recieve a warm welcome and learn that your son in leader of faction. And that he was getting bored, so he wanted to see what heppens if he unfreezes you. And from then on, you basically just choose one faction and ally with/destroy remaining factions with it.

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Not focusing on finding your son has became a meme. But on the other hand, factions (and their qustlines) are very interesting (but shallow). And exploration is one of nest parts of game too. But- more than you explore, more are you straying away from story…. but what if that doesn't have to be the case.

What if we threw all that "beeing frozen for 200 years while your son was becoming leader of most despised faction" plot in bin. And if we really work on factions, giving them more depth, allowing thins player could fix to help or hinder faction. I mean civil war in institute, Railroad beeing financialy broke, BoS beeing one step behind you from figuring you are synth and minutemen asking you to do something else than only to go to settlement and assasinate bandit leader for them – maybe securing shipment of laser-muskets for example.

We can start a game as soon as our synth is created. This could result in very interesting opening custence. And as soon as we are deeped in red goo, we can chose our apperance and SPECIAL attributes. Scientist can comment on our proficency or lack in any of them. Imagine comments like "Should we put him back to grow some muscle? I'm not sure he could lift a chair" or "I'm pretty sure she is even smarter than I am. I'm a little terrified by this".

After creation we can go to synth orientation projector room, where they dump exposition to us, or just stand up if we don't want to hear it again fot 100th time – but be hit by a courser and given holotape/program to rewath it later. Now, shooting tutorial- you are given cheap laser pistol and just enogh ammo to hit targets, but not nearly enought to kill the curser supervising us. If we try to attack him, we are memory-wiped and back to synth orientation room and then again. After that, we are issued with a pip-boy – but scientist equiping us with it gives us holotape/program/bug, saying "As soon as possible go to Boston and follow the freedom trail". Then we are given (as) follower to curser and teleported to surface (probably one of the low-level areas) and we already have 2 quests – "First job" to help the curser with one of those assigment collecting materials, syphoning electrical power, abducting and replacing people, finding the runaway synth… and quest "To find freedom" to escape from curser and find the railroad. Those quest are not mutually exclusive as you can escape from many other institute mission (which get harder and moraly darker) and if you are not carefull, you can ecape, but get cought by courser and then memory wiped (losing some perks) and send to synth orientation room again.

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So if we decide to escape and find Railroad- they warm welcome us and ask us what our new life whall be- we could decide to keep memories and stay in railroad or get our memories wiped and then start a new life. Mayb we could choose between Vault dweller, minutemen recruit or wasteland scavanger. There would be a mission for each of those choiches, for example, for wault dweller you will go to vault 111, open one of cryo pods, remove the dead inhabitant of in, trigger alarm, and let yourself to be programmed with memories of prewar life and day the boms fell… Then, you can continue game, helping railroad, BoS or Minutemen and destroy/capture institute once and for all and take revenge on your creators.

But if we choose to remain in institute- we get powerfull synth inplants, but our story would be much more linear. We would be allowed to acces terminals, we could talk with other synts only when no-one is looking and if we said anything that could be pottentionaly offensive to scientists- memory wipe and loss of anoother perk. When on mission, if we stry too far away from objective- memory wipe… But still, let's give this story more endings – after father dies there can be small civil war who will replace him – you as all the other cursers are under command of Justin Ayo, he decides to userp the position of director. But, you could rebel against him, and depending on your previous choiches you could have support of other synths/cursers and then decide:
a) Support him and continue beeing servant
b) Support other side and coerce board to give synths more rights
c)Kill every human beeing and claim Institute as safe beeing for every synth

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But that's just fanfiction

TL:DR: Beeing synth would play major role in player's perception of world, as main conflict in Fallout 4 is centered about synths.

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