Why The Fuck Should I Get In The Tranquility Lounger?

Content of the article: "Why The Fuck Should I Get In The Tranquility Lounger?"

Upon entrance to vault 112 you are greeted by a robo-brain that tells you to put on a jumpsuit, and get in a tranquility lounger. Narratively the Lone Wanderer is here because he is trying to find his dad. One is supposed to get in a lounger to ask the vaults inhabitants where his dad is, and that is the point that Braun tells you he's a dog, and you're trapped in his world now, and have to find a way out.

But why would one get in the lounger? Narratively speaking theirs no goddamn reason too. Well I'll cut to the chase and tell you why. Its because theirs a quest marker right over it and that's what needs to be done to progress the game. Theirs no fucking reason otherwise why one would conceivably do so.

If you look around the loungers, you do see your dad in one of them. If one isn't pay that much attention, they might not even notice James is in one of the loungers. Even if we assume every player that walks into Vault 112 does see James in the pod, theirs no indication that getting inside the lounger will allow the Lone Wanderer to make contact with him.

Why doesn't the Lone Wanderer just rip him out? You might say "Well, its because Braun has them trapped and ripping them out of the simulation would kill them?" But their has to be a way to get them out. Because their monitoring terminals can report "Immediate Medical Attention needed", I assume at some point these people might need surgery or something. As well as the fact that your lounger opens easily enough.

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If you look around the vault for some lore or world-building about the place, theirs nothing. Not a single terminal that tells you why these people are in these weird chairs, what they do, who's in their, or even why you're dad is in one of them.

In fact theirs no reason why James would get into the lounger. Theirs nothing to make sense of all this shit, why would a scientist looking for information on another scientist he assumes is dead thinks the answers is inside the lounger?

After getting out of the simulation James says that he was surprised he found Braun alive and well, despite the fact that he's behind two locked doors, open terminal needs to be hacked to get the password to the overseers office. That's the only proof that James would have that Braun is in fact-alive. And because the door is clearly locked, he clearly had no idea that was the case until he got stuck in the simulation.

Maybe if their was a terminal, some notes, even some more robot dialog on the purpose of the vault, what these things are, and who resides here, that would make sense. But there isn't. So apparently James just walks into vault 112, sees all these people suspended in the fucking Matrix, has no idea what the technology is, what it does, why its here, and just says to himself "Yup, just gonna take a quick nap here."

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The problem with this is its so easily solved with just the slightest bit of care in crafting the world.

When you first walk into the Jefferson memorial atrium to find clues about where you're dad went you find a few holotapes documenting his journey. The final tape says he's off to 112 to find Brauns research. So why is their no tape documenting what he found at 112? You know a quick piece of dialog saying something like "Crazy vault here, found some documentation that says all these people are kept alive in a computer simulation, and Braun is still alive, that's awesome, its means I can ask him questions, can't seem to get them out of the loungers, have to go in myself and ask him questions."

At the bare minimum that's all this needed for it to make sense. If just one 30 second piece of dialog existed on why James decides to get into this random fucking "tranquility lounger" my entire point would be moot. And Bethesda couldn't even do that. Dear god how can their world building be so shallow? Its no wonder they denied Obsidian their bonus for working on New Vegas. They're jealous they can actually craft a decent world that makes sense when judged by its own rules.

Also how the fuck are any of these people alive? Their all at-least 202.5 years old. And they look fresh as a daisy in those pods! Mr.House in NV at least is a dried up piece of beef jerky barely clinging to life. The Fallout 4 protagonist is at least put in cryogenic stasis the entire time.

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