Why the Legion is overall an incredibly underrated faction in Fallout

Content of the article: "Why the Legion is overall an incredibly underrated faction in Fallout"

I remember in 2008 what caused my brother and I to get Fallout 3 was the Brotherhood Paladin in T-45D power armor. I loved Fallout 3 and I thought the BOS was just awesome running into Project Purity with Liberty Prime paving the way. Then I got NV and at first… my courier was basically a gung ho NCR supporter. But then my 2nd time around, my brother did Yes Man. I don't like robots being used in combat, so I thought why not just here Vulpes out instead of shooting him like I'd done so many times previously. I then thought "Well I guess this town got what it deserved." Part of that had to do with finding out how much of a scumbag the mayor of Nipton was.

Heck the Legion's crucifixions aren't meant to be overtly barbaric, they're meant to teach a lesson of "resist and this is what happens." Yeah the slavery and misogyny are wrong, there's no debating that… but it's not because of Caesar being sexist. It's because he's a hardcore pragmatist. Based on the world conditions of the Fallout universe the people who live under Caesar do rather well probably not too different from folk in the NCR. Case in point Dale Barton is a very successful trader, even supplies the Legion the howitzer at the Fort. Yet he won't go into NCR territory because they can't even control the roads, and between hiring guards and NCR taxes… it doesn't pay off.

The NCR can't even control the roads and protect merchants who are the life blood of the wasteland. Organizations that are within their sphere of influence like the Crimson Caravan and Van Graffs (less so) are actively contributing to the problem by wiping out their competitors by illegal means… yet because of the corruption within the NCR government they get away with it. In comparison yeah the men who fight for the Legion have no say in it… but they're born into it. They are taught from birth to fight for it, and they do so without question all starting from the same level. The only way to advance in Legion society is by actually being a skilled individual, yet most legionaries are so devoted to a cause above themselves that they're willing to split their own throats rather than be captured.

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That's devotion that tyrants in the past like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, or Robert Mugabe could only dream to have obtained.

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