Why The Master isn’t dead after committing suicide. (My Theory)

Content of the article: "Why The Master isn’t dead after committing suicide. (My Theory)"

I've come up with an interesting set of theories. The Master being evil, there is no way in hell he would just "kill" himself. I put kill in quotes because of one of two reasons. First off, a villain wouldn't just automatically "kill" themselves. Theory #1: Telepathic abilities. We know the master has telepathic abilities because as we approach him in fallout 1, we start getting dialogue of the player getting headaches, bloody noses, and weird chills. We later learn that the master has extreme telepathic expertise. So, i´m going to break theory #1 into two "Sub theories." Sub – theory #1 of theory #1: The Master could have teleported his mind into Tabitha's, a nightkin super mutant in fallout new vegas. This could be a valid theory because in fnv, Tabitha has a strong sense of bringing the unity or super – mutant army back together. There is only one other person who would do this, which is The Master. Sub – theory #2 of theory #1: A much less interesting theory, The Master is a cyborg mutant thingamajig, so he could have had vast amounts of override data placed in different vaults, most likely placed by his mutants. This could explain why he wants to take over the most vaults that he can, for when he dies, he can teleport all of his knowledge to another terminal or data storage device. Theory #2: Tabitha's secrets. So, in the fallout wiki, it defines Tabitha as a "former" member of the Unity. However, The Master is known to have many tricks up his sleeve. Tabitha could have been commanded by The Master to take over if he dies, to continue his reign of absolute terror. This could explain why there are so many super – mutants and nightkin mutants at black mountain. Tabitha wants to reunite everyone from the unity, or just reunite any mutant in general. Completely unrelated to this discussion, this is similar to Arcade Gannon's quest, for Auld Lang Syne, where he brings the remnants of the Enclave back together. Back to Theory #2, Tabitha could very well be a trick of The Master. Now that all that is out of the way, here are some honorable theories: Rhonda (Tabitha's mister handy) could be The Master in a different form, and The Master could of been a remnant of the Enclave, considering his interest in FEV. Feel free to poke holes in my theory.

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