Why the NCR is the Future of Human Civilization.

Content of the article: "Why the NCR is the Future of Human Civilization."

The Mojave Wasteland was left almost completely unscathed by the nuclear holocaust that was the Great War. The city that was once Las Vegas alone was targeted with well over 77 nuclear warheads. Thanks to the efforts of billionaire genius Robert Edwin House, all but 9 of the nuclear warheads were successfully destroyed and rendered harmless to what would become New Vegas.

Having suffered only minor damage from the Great War, what is now the Mojave Wasteland was, and still is, extremely fertile ground for the beginning of the return of human civilization. Filled to the brim with countless treasures, essentially unlimited natural resources and mammoth economic/financial value, the Mojave Wasteland can be the staging ground for the great rejuvenation of humanity. A great rejuvenation with the Republic at the helm.

Look at Hoover Dam, for instance. When the NCR first found it, it was a dilapidated mess that had sat there derelict for centuries. Years later, they managed to single-handedly restore it to operational condition (they had as many as 6-out-of-8 if its energy turbines operational before 2 of those were jammed not long afterwards) and transformed it into a magnificently invaluable power station that churns out gargantuan levels of energy for the Republic.

Enough energy to fuel every last major city, town, settlement and community in the whole of the NCR. And that's only at 50% capacity! Just imagine what it could do once fully-restored. The NCR also shares Hoover Dam's titanic energy output with not only the Strip, but with the rest of New Vegas (albeit at almost non-existent levels), as well. Hoover Dam alone could very well be the key to the full restoration of human civilization in not only the Mojave Wasteland, but across the entirety of the post-apocalyptic world.

Then, of course, we also have the virtually limitless supply of fresh, radiation-free water that lies within Lake Mead. Aside from serving as a drink, this water could also be used to massively upgrade and improve the already-colossal agricultural production of the Republic and, eventually, be of immense assistance to the whole of the Mojave Wasteland's own young, underdeveloped agriculture (more on that soon). In the right hands, Lake Mead could be a major component in the rebirth of civilization.

Speaking of water, it was also the NCR that repaired the regional network of water cisterns and pumping stations, as well. Granting much easier, much more available, access to fresh water for not only NCR soldiers and citizens, but also denizens of New Vegas (albeit for a fee) as well.

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While very small in significance, for the time being, and not of any meaningful help to New Vegas citizens, as of now, that will all change in due time once the Mojave Wasteland is finally annexed by the Republic (more on that, soon).

There's also the matter of infrastructure. As is the case back West, the NCR has tirelessly toiled away to repair and restore all manner of infrastructure across the Mojave Wasteland.

Aside from the most obvious example, Hoover Dam, the NCR has also restored power plants (i.e. HELIOS One, which, unfortunately, is only running at 1% capacity, and the El Dorado Substation), mines (i.e. Quarry Junction, prior to it getting overrun with Deathclaws), factories (i.e. the Gun Runners' New Vegas weapons factory) and even roads and railroads (for instance, the reason why the Powder Gangers are in the Mojave Wasteland is because they were meant to be the penal labor force responsible for said infrastructural overhaul).

True, the NCR's massive overhaul of the Mojave Wasteland's heavily degraded infrastructure primarily benefits their military, as of now, but that will no longer be the case once the NCR formally annexes the region. Once that happens, not only the Mojave Wasteland, but the entirety of the post-apocalyptic world, will benefit gloriously.

Now we examine the highly invaluable field of agriculture. Taking full advantage of its centuries worth of infinite knowledge and boundless experience with its own painstakingly extensive, but ultimately unimaginably successful, agricultural restoration efforts back home, the Republic has taken it upon itself to replicate that success in the Mojave Wasteland with the NCR Sharecropper Farms project (not to mention Thomas Hildern's plan to acquire the agricultural research of Vault 22).

An experiment that's dedicated to bringing the Mojave Wasteland's enormously gargantuan agricultural potential to life, its success could have ludicrously gigantic benefits and rewards for not only the region and the NCR, but also the whole of the Wastelands, as well. And given that the NCR Sharecropper Farms are already producing more than enough food to supply all of the tens of thousands of NCR soldiers across the region as it is, I do believe that I'm more than safe in saying that said potential is most certainly well on its way to being achieved.

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Now sure, the project was originally designed to provide landless farmers and ranchers back West with jobs and sure, the project has run into some major problems (i.e. Westside stealing NCR water and radiation leakage from Vault 34's reactor that's contaminating the soil) but, at the end of the day, the potential rewards of the project's success can't be ignored.

Last but not least, we have the New Vegas Strip. Having spent well over 7 years getting ludicrously wealthy and fat off of impossibly massive sums of NCR cash due to its thriving gambling/tourism industry, a Republic annexation of the prosperous resort community would go a long way towards making humanity great again.

Not only would it more than enable the NCR to very easily reimburse all of its financial costs and losses from years of protecting the Mojave by taxing the Strip and its casinos, but it would also spark a colossally titanic flood of tax caps that'll virtually swell the Republic's already-near-boundless wealth.

Money that could go a very long way towards additional improvements to the Republic's already-unrivaled infrastructure, already-unmatched healthcare, already-titanic industry, already-unequalled agricultural production and already-gargantuan military might in addition to the Mojave Wasteland's own well-being. With the immense wealth of the New Vegas Strip, the NCR could help make both the Mojave Wasteland and, eventually, the rest of the Wastes a vastly better place.


Here's my vision of a newly-annexed Mojave Wasteland that's now under the full control of the Republic.

I see a Mojave Wasteland that's filled to the brim with fields that are chock full of maize, beans, tobacco and cotton as well as immensely bountiful scores of trees with branches hanging low to the ground, fat with ripe, juicy oranges and apples, amongst innumerable other produce. Farms and ranches as far as the eye can see that are teeming with Brahmin and Bighorners.

I also envision a Mojave Wasteland that has become the new industrial heartland of the Republic. A massively gargantuan industrial/manufacturing powerhouse that's splitting at the seams with factories, weapons foundries, workshops, mines and construction sites in addition to a finely-crafted, highly-extensive network of roads and railroads at a level that's unseen even back West.

I see a New Vegas that has been entirely restored to its former Old World glory, a gloriously titanic city of limitless wealth, unmatched splendor and unrivaled beauty. A city that is bulging with casinos, resorts, skyscrapers, apartment complexes and even seas upon seas of suburbs amongst a vast plethora of other features.

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All of which is powered, supported and sustained by the colossally mammoth energy output of a now-fully-operational Hoover Dam, with additional support from a now-fully-functional HELIOS One, as well as hugely endless supplies of fresh water from Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas and the numerous aquifers that are scattered all across the Mojave Wasteland. Water that is distributed by the regional network of pristine water cisterns and pumping stations.

This new-and-improved Mojave Wasteland will go on to transform the NCR from what's already the dominant superpower of the post-apocalyptic world with essentially infinite wealth, the most powerful military in all of the Wastes, the absolute finest infrastructure, the most bountiful agricultural production, the most advanced technology, the most gargantuan industry and the greatest healthcare into a god-like entity with limitless power.

An entity that could go on to begin the great rejuvenation of human civilization and bring an end to the post-apocalyptic era once and for all. A great rejuvenation with the NCR at its head, and New Vegas at its heart.

That is why the NCR must not fail in annexing the Mojave Wasteland. The future of humanity depends on it.

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