Why the NCR will be the Most Likely Canonical Victor of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

Content of the article: "Why the NCR will be the Most Likely Canonical Victor of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam."

Given the recent news that Microsoft has acquired Zenimax in addition to the fact that a direct sequel to Fallout: New Vegas could very well be in the works, I've been inspired to make a post detailing my thoughts as to why the NCR ending of F:NV will most certainly be the canon ending of the game. Let's start from the top, shall we?

  1. The NCR are irrevocably the heroes of the story.

Love them or hate them, the NCR, despite its numerous problems and burdens, are the obvious good guys of the game. This stands in direct contrast to the Legion (who, despite their upsides, are the clear-cut villains of the story regardless of how you try to spin it), Mr. House (who's more of a neutrally-aligned character, if anything (though, in my opinion, he's every bit as evil, petty and vindictive as Caesar himself)) and Yes Man (who's honestly only just there to ensure that the player can finish the game).

None of whom are even remotely close to "good", at the end of the day. And given that the good guys have ALWAYS emerged victorious in EVERY canon Fallout game regardless of whether or not it came from Interplay or Bethesda, it's more than safe to assume that the NCR (which has yet to be given the shaft by any Fallout game, so far) has the canon ending.

  1. The NCR ending is without a single doubt the best ending in the game.

While I honestly believe that even those who either don't like the NCR or just flat-out hate the NCR are forced to admit it regardless of whether they like it or not, the NCR ending is easily the best ending of the game from a purely objective point of view. Not only is it the only ending in the game where EVERYBODY benefits and even flat-out prospers (though, admittedly, it's not all cupcakes and rainbows as the citizens of Goodsprings and Primm can attest to), it's also the only ending where EVERYBODY can survive (provided that one's willing to work for it, of course), as well.

Indeed, even the best Legion ending still sees a huge portion of the local population enslaved or murdered under Caesar's brutal rule, almost every other faction killed off or enslaved and what essentially amounts to a genocidal, mass-murdering, slaving, massively savage totalitarian utilitarian military dictatorship taking over the region, for instance. Meanwhile, even the best House ending still sees Mr. House effectively abandoning everything and everyone outside of the New Vegas Strip and leaving them to fend for themselves whereas a shitload of innocent people still get killed due to his negligence.

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As for an Independent Vegas, even the best Yes Man ending (which, admittedly, is easily the second best ending in the game) still sees New Vegas devolve into a completely anarchic, Hellish shithole that becomes completely overwhelmed with skyrocketing crime, massive drug abuse, chronic shortages of even the most basic of necessities and utilities and a total collapse of any semblance of law and order all while the Courier gets rich off of the New Vegas Strip's gambling and resort operations. Either way, the NCR ending is clearly the best ending possible.

And as all canon Fallout endings have ALWAYS been the absolute best ending possible, this further reinforces the notion of the NCR canonically winning the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

  1. The NCR always wins.

If there's one thing that we can all agree on in regards to the NCR, it's that it ALWAYS seems to win. It won in Fallout 1 when it was founded and very quickly expanded across all of southern California and it won in Fallout 2 when it eventually gobbled up the rest of California and expanded both its territory and influence across all of Oregon, all of the Baja Peninsula, all of Nevada and even as far East as Utah and Arizona (most particularly in Bullhead City and all of its immediate surrounding areas) by the events of F:NV. Something tells me that the NCR is about ready for a third victory in F:NV.

  1. Chris Avellone is gone.

With that prick Avellone gone, any and all remaining anti-civilization nonsense within Obsidian is also gone, as well. Meaning that there won't be any second Apocalypse from the Sierra Madre, Tunnelers, the nukes of the Divide or any other stupid bullshit that Avellone dreamed up. Furthermore, an Independent Vegas just seems incredibly unlikely now that Obsidian is back on track and actively in full support of the eventual full return of civilization to the Wastelands. Something that an Independent Vegas ending would completely contradict. Meaning that a canon NCR ending is quite frankly the only logical choice.

  1. The NCR is by far the most popular out of the 4 main factions.

In every opinion poll that I've ever seen, the NCR ALWAYS either has a commanding lead, a general lead or is tied with an Independent Vegas. The Legion, on the other hand, is always dead-last and often doesn't even get so much as a SINGLE vote (for obvious reasons, of course), Mr. House is either 3rd place with only a few votes or tied for dead last with the Legion (often due to the fact that 1. he's entirely dependent on the player to get anything done, 2. really doesn't do anything in his incredibly boring ending and 3. we're left without even the slightest clue as to whether or not he intends to follow through with his grandiose promises, which is VERY anti-climactic) and an Independent Vegas is always either neck-to-neck with the NCR, barely behind the NCR or just second place (everybody is quite frankly thrilled with the often false notion that they can "rule" New Vegas as their own, after all).

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Given the NCR's popularity, which is the direct result of the NCR being the good guys who at the very least TRY to help everyone and actually do a far better job than they're often given credit for not to mention the above fact that their ending is objectively the best ending possible, it's very safe to say that they'll most definitely have the canon ending.

  1. The NCR ending is by far the most flexible ending.

The NCR ending is really the only ending that leaves room for a sequel and paves the way for a logical, realistic route towards continuing the Fallout saga in the American Southwest. The Legion ending doesn't make any sense at all as we all know for a fact that 1. the Legion will inevitably collapse once Caesar dies and effectively cease to exist as an entity, 2. we already know that the Legion doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell against the NCR in a total war (meaning that even if the Legion wins the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, they could NEVER win the war against the NCR, which will eventually wipe them out) and 3. the Legion would have a hard-enough time just holding and defending NEW VEGAS ALONE as it is and would eventually destroy itself just TRYING to do so, all but ensuring that a direct sequel to F:NV wouldn't be practical with a canonical Legion victory at Hoover Dam.

The House ending doesn't really work either in that it's extremely boring, highly anti-climactic, completely uneventful and ultimately doesn't leave any room for a sequel. Nothing really happens and everything just more or less stays the same albeit with several minor changes. Something that makes a canonical House ending impossible as a sequel based on that just wouldn't work. In regards to the Independent Vegas ending, while it is far from inflexible (unlike the Legion and House endings) and is actually a very interesting ending (I personally wouldn't mind an Independent Vegas ending myself), I really have a hard time seeing a direct sequel to F:NV emerge from an Independent Vegas ending.

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Not only does it directly contradict the pro-civilization aims of Obsidian, but it also just comes off as more of a fail-safe to ensure that the player can finish the game in the event that they both piss off the NCR and the Legion and kill Mr. House, if you ask me. The fact that Yes Man is completely unkillable and the fact that the player can still pursue an Independent Vegas even if they've blown up the Securitron Army over at Fortification Hill (making an Independent Vegas completely pointless, but I digress) definitely helps to support that notion. Either way, the NCR ending is the only feasible ending that would make a direct sequel to F:NV possible.

And that's a wrap. Now before I conclude my post, I'd like to point out that this is pure speculation and could very well be completely incorrect in the grand scheme of things. This is, after all, just my opinion. Do feel free to share your own opinions, if you wish. A penny for your thoughts?

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