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A few interesting easter eggs in New Dawn (including locations where the intro missions take place)

Content of the article: "A few interesting easter eggs in New Dawn (including locations where the intro missions take place)"

Note: this might contain spoilers for Far Cry 5 in case you didn't play it, but I'm not tagging this as spoiler since it doesn't spoil New Dawn itself

Using the Scavenger mod, I was able to go beyond the return-wall that usually prevents you from crossing into the "radiation" zones, and I saw a few interesting things

Firstly, the place where the intro missions take place (up until you reach Prosperity) are located in the furthest east of Faith's region (Henbane river)…initially when I went in that direction, I was surprised to see that unlike Jacob's region, the ground isn't entirely covered in ash and burnt trees, and that the island where Faith's bunker was, is fully textured and has plants and trees and everything, until I came upon the intro mission

This is where the escape with Carmina mission is located (in front of blue arrow)

In the distance you can see the top where Joseph's statue should be (it isn't visible because too far) on the right is where Faith's bunker should be

The escape with Rush mission location:

The tunnel you come out of is on the right, thought it's mostly not lit

This is where the mission is located (blue arrow)

For some unknown reason there's a vehicle in this location, it's not for any intro mission and is far away from where the missions are

It's a motorcycle, this is either the most secret easter egg, or something the makers were screwing with but forgot to delete

Due to the fact that these places are considered playable areas, you actually get supply drops if you go there, I had one drop over where Faith's bunker used to be (though no highwaymen will come to get it) and also you can find all plant types in that area that you can take

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The less interesting tidbits I looked for:

Where Faith's bunker was

Where you fight and kill Faith (except no mid rock, no water or small pond where she drops)

Where Jacob's mansion used to be

The small rocky peak where you fight Jacob

A closer look at the same peak, you'll notice it's barely textured

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