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Amita or Sabal?

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Which of the Golden Path leaders do you side with? Just finished another playthrough and was curious about who you all think is the better of these two shitty options. Personally I think the secret ending with Pagan Min is ultimately the best choice, but seeing as we bought the game for farcry shenanigans, not to enjoy the crab rangoon, let's look at our other choices.

Not just siding with finally, but whose side do you take in the missions where you have to choose between them? If you need reminding, here's the options they offer at the various points:

Amita: Collect Intel

Sabal: Save Soldiers

Here I take Sabal's side. Intel is important, but if you don't have enough soldiers to act on it, it's possession is moot.

Amita: Secure Opium Fields and Factory

Sabal: Destroy Opium Fields and Factory

Here I go Amita. If there's no remaining natural resources left, building off Pagan's current Opium trade is a viable option. And it's apparently lucrative, as something I read in game talked about how he was giving the Golden Triangle a run for its money.

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Amita: Secure Opium Processing Factory

Sabal: Destroy Opium Processing Factory

Again, I go Amita here. If you save the fields, makes sense to save the factory as well. Sure, a drug state isn't the greatest option, but it's at least a future for Kyrat, and a lucrative one at that. If the profits went to building hospitals and schools instead of Pagan statues, it could greatly benefit the people.

Amita: Destroy Jalendu Temple

Sabal: Secure Jalendu, crown Bhadra as Tarun Matara

And here I switch back to Sabal. While I don't think Kyrat should be stuck in ancient traditions of slavery and child marriages, history is vital. The religion can modernize away from fundamentalism, and the temples and statuary mark a long, rich history and culture. Not to mention potential tourism profits. This cover decides the overall leader of the Golden Path.

So Amita wins, she follows Pagan's footsteps, building her drug empire, but with the added step of enlisting child soldiers. Also she almost certainly killed Bhadra, a 14 year old girl. If Sabal assumes power, he starts a religious fundamentalist regime, slaughtering former Amita supporters for their sins, and has plans to marry Bhadra, again, a 14 year old girl.

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Both are doing their best to make hell on earth. Do you choose the frying pan or the fire?

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