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Far Cry 3 vs Far Cry 4 (2021 PS4) – do you agree?


Far Cry 4 takes takes the core gameplay from Far Cry 3, refines and improves it. With much more weapons available with extra customisation, better mobility, side/main missions and of course refinements you’d expect from the more recent of the two titles. If you’re playing purely for the gameplay look no further than FC4.

FC3 – 8/10 FC4 – 9/10


Although many people found Far Cry 3s Jason Brody to be annoying and generally unlikeable, he gets far more development and shows much more personality than Ajay Ghale from Far Cry 4.

Jason starts the game running for his life in fear before he ends up killing for the first in self defence by forcing a knife into its own wielder and it’s clearly distressed by this. From this point on he grows to find killing more and more enjoyable as he descends into madness, losing sight of his original goal (escape with his friends) and himself. He becomes a Rakyaat warrior and at one point tells Citra he wishes to stay on the island with her.

While Ajay Ghale on the other hand just gets given a gun and told to shoot in the first mission from a moving car. Although he has good motivations to be in Kyrat and fight the Golden Army he doesn’t appear evolve with his experience and his combat skills are given no explanation.

FC3 – 9/10 FC4 – 6/10

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Villains are so important to the Far Cry series with them taking centre stage on the covers of the games.

Far Cry 4

Starting with Far Cry 4 this time, we have Pagan Min and his 3 under bosses (this would be better to compare with FC5 because it’s the same structure but anyway). Pagan Min is a great character in this game with his only fault being his lack of presence. He starts the game really strong but other than his entertaining radio chats he rarely features. As for his lieutenants, they don’t make a big enough impact on the game. Noore has a sympathetic backstory, while Paul de Pleur is given some detail and Yuma is an enigma who all only really feature when it’s time to kill them.

Can’t talk about Villains without mentioning Amita and Sabal too. Although allies throughout, their extreme opposing ideals about how Kyrat should be run make for a very frustrating Lose/Lose end game and also makes you question if Pagan Min really was the enemy.

Far Cry 3

“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?” – Vaas. What else is there to say, the cornerstone of FC3 and praised by all. Such a shame he was taken too soon.

Quick shoutout to Buck as well for being very unlikeable and I enjoyed his ark a lot.

Hoyt is a stereotypical loudmouth bad guy, who although satisfying to kill doesn’t leave the same impression as the other three villains in this game.

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That’s right I said other THREE villains. In my opinion Citra is the true villain of Far Cry 3. She manipulates/brainwashes Jason to complete her own agenda of getting rid of the Vaas/Hoyt and conceive a “the true Rakyaat warrior.” This is a massive factor in Jason’s drastic personality shift as he desires Citras approval, praise and power that she can offer. Absolute top tier villain.

FC3 – 9/10 FC4 – 7/10


As mentioned in previous categories, Far Cry 3s narrative of young Jason Brody losing himself and becoming a warrior while trying to save his friends from their pirate captors with all the twists along the way is much stronger than Far Cry 4s story of prodigal son Ajay Ghale returning to his homeland to fight with rebels.

In terms of pacing Far Cry 3 mixes it up enough to keep it fresh and enjoyable. You rescue a couple friends and finding your feet, then focus on obtaining the ancient knife while dealing with Buck, before refocusing on killing Vaas before going after Hoyt in the 3rd act (this last bit I didn’t enjoy as much).

Far Cry 4 starts and finishes really strong and not as much significant events happen in the middle of the story, however I was never bored.

FC3 – 9/10 FC4 – 7/10


Far Cry 4 obviously is the better graphical game as it’s newer and I think Kyrat is both more aesthetically pleasing and more enjoyable to explore than in Far Cry 3.

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The soundtrack from 4 edges 3 too because other than the music that plays in the credits and couple other significant times in the game (plus the song from flamethrower mission) the music isn’t as memorable.

One other thing I like about 4 is how good cutscenes are for side missions compared to 3. We all remember Vaas and Citra scenes but when encountering other characters in Far Cry 3 there isn’t the same amount of effort put in. While in FC4 everyone is animated and are all well acted.

FC3 – 7/10 FC4 – 9/10


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