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Far Cry 6 Exclusive Interview: Navid Khavari’s Q&A about the FC6!

In 2020-07-13, a media called "Gamersky" was invited by Ubisoft, and talked to the Narrative Director Navid Khavari. This Interview's article is only written by Chinese, so as the Far Cry 6 Tieba(a reddit-like community) owner in China, I wrote the translation, and hope you enjoy this! Mr Navid Khavari was very enthusiastic when talking about many related infos, including the story and gameplay of the game, and he was also full of confidence in the project of "Far Cry 6".

Source: https://www.gamersky.com/news/202007/1303774.shtml

  • Q: Why did you think of setting the game background of "Far Cry 6" in an island country in the Caribbean?

A: When I look at drawing materials from real life, it is difficult to ignore the existence of Cuba. We have visited Cuba on the spot. As an island country, the local customs and cultural diversity are impressive. We also asked people who had participated in the Cuban Revolutionary War in the 1950s to chat.

Since then, we have a clear concept of the background setting of "Far Cry 6" in our minds, for which Yara Island was created. As Yara Island was forcibly cut off from the outside world by the ruler for half a century, the architectural style and humanistic landscape of the entire island are full of retro atmosphere. At the same time, people's yearning for freedom and thirst for breaking the blockade are stronger than ever, and the struggle against power is imperative.

  • Q: The game scene in this game includes Esperanza, the capital of Yara Island. Does that mean that there are many urban scenes and street battles in this game?

A: We considered this when building Yara Island: To design an island country, there must first be a country, and to build a country, there must be a capital. From a narrative point of view, it is a reasonable and reasonable path to encircle the city from the countryside and resist oppression with arms. As for the urban area, it is ruled by the powerful villain Anton Castillo, and every corner of the city is filled with his slogans and propaganda slogans.

From the perspective of gameplay, the buildings in the city can provide players with a more three-dimensional space for exploration and combat, which is still a very novel design for the "Far Cry" series.

  • Q: How does the scale of this work compare with previous FC games?

A: We have put the entire country into the game, so the scale of the map of "Far Cry 6" will be very huge. Players will go to small towns, to the capital, to wild scenes such as primitive jungles or mountain ridges, and they are bound to be deeply attracted by the organic combination of nature and people on Yara Island.

  • Q: In terms of gameplay and system, is there any difference between "Far Cry 6" and previous games in the series?

A: The people's struggle against power not only determines that the plot of this game is different from the series, but also the gameplay. For example, at the beginning of the protest, people will hold some small demonstrations to ambush the stronghold of the villain. And since Yara Island has been blocked for more than half a century, the shapes of the vehicles in the game are very retro and beautiful, which is obviously different from the previous games.

  • Q: Are there a large number of different types of vehicles and weapons in this work?

A: Yes, sure. we provide players with many different types of vehicles and a wide variety of weapons in the game.

  • Q: What role does El Presidente’s son Diego Castillo play in the story? What is his position? What interaction will it have with the protagonist?

A: We were very excited when we were designing the character of Diego, because when we talked about a 13-year-old boy, everyone in this room has experienced it. At that time, it was just in the rebellious period, and the personality was just beginning to be independent, and the relationship with his parents was sometimes good and bad. The image of Diego's father to outsiders is a ruthless ruler. In such a family, the direction of the relationship between Diego and his father is an important part of the story. The protagonist will also affect the relationship between the father and son, so please stay tuned for their story.

  • Q: Why did you choose Uncle Fried Chicken (Giancarlo Esposto) to play the villain (Anton Castillo)?

A: Giancarlo is a very good actor. He has played a wide range of roles, from the uncle fried chicken in "Breaking Bad" to Moff Gideon in "The Mandalorian". I think he is very suitable to play Anton Castillo. When we met Giancarlo in New York, we talked about this character for about 4 hours, and he was very interested in it.

What he is most interested about is that Anton, as a cold-blooded ruler, is also a child-loving father, what kind of dramatic effect this kind of person who is separated from the outside and the inside will show the players. And through his performance, I believe that the players can substitute themselves into the role of Anton Castillo to some extent. Because of this, I think the collaboration with Giancarlo was impressive from our first interview with this character to the actual production of games such as facial capture.

  • Q: "Far Cry 6" has been produced for 4 years (This Interview is in 2020-07-13). This time-consuming seems to be quite long now. Why did the original work consume so much production time?

A: Although "Far Cry 6" was established four years ago, only a small team participated in the project at the beginning. At that time, I was still busy making "Far Cry 5" at the same time. When we were a small team, we have already determined that this work will be based on the theme of people resisting oppression by power. Seeing our team grow from 10 people to 900 Ubisoft employees around the world, I personally feel very proud of this. It is worth mentioning that Ubisoft Shanghai's production in "Far Cry 6" impressed me deeply.

  • Q: Which part of "Far Cry 6" is Ubisoft Shanghai responsible for?

A: I can only reveal a little bit to you at the moment. There is an animal companion system in "Far Cry 6". One of the animal companions designed by Ubisoft Shanghai is very popular among the entire development team. This partner's name is Teresa (He did not mention what creature it is), and its characteristics are very different from those aggressive animals.

This is the fourth "Far Cry" series I participated in, and every game has maintained a high level of production. I think "Far Cry 6" has the participation of Ubisoft Shanghai and will present the same high-quality game to all players.

  • Q: At present, we know relatively little information. Are there any interesting details about "Far Cry 6" that can be shared with us?

A: I think from a narrative point of view, we want to create a story where a single spark can start a prairie fire. In this work, the most commendable part is that the people's resistance to power starts from scratch and gradually develops and grows, which is unprecedented in the entire "Far Cry" series. Frankly speaking, the protagonist was actually insignificant at the beginning of the resistance movement, but players will see through the protagonist's perspective that this resistance movement continues to grow and develop. I think this is a very exciting event.

  • Q: The protagonist has gender distinction, so will they have more differences in the story?

A: We let the player choose the protagonist’s gender to eliminate gender differences. The actors and actresses who played the leading roles performed very well. But whether the players choose male or female, the story of the game will not be different due to the gender.

  • Q: Will there be many animal companions in this game? What is the difference between them in design and former FC games?

A: We have added an animal companion system in "Far Cry 6". They are the most loyal and reliable companions of the players, working together against the villain Anton Castillo. I think players will definitely like this system.

  • Q: Because of the expansion of free-gameplay, the open world setting can easily loosen the plot. Does "Far Cry 6" have any considerations on this point?

A: As I said above, this is the fourth Far Cry game I participated in. Although I have many years of experience in game production, I still feel that it is very challenging to tell a meaningful story in the open world. I think our team is fully prepared for this. We put a fictional story into this open world, and in "Far Cry 6", this story is related to the people's resistance to oppression.

I think one of the most important points is that when making open world games, we have to let players see the world from the perspective of different characters. The "Far Cry" series of games have deeply reflected this point. Each work will have some impressive characters, which will bring players a deeper understanding of the world. The same is true of "Far Cry 6", the main characters in the story are inextricably linked, which makes the open world of the game very large, but because these characters are closely connected.

Navid Khavari is the narrative director of Far Cry 6. He also has rich experience in game production-as the narrative designer of "Far Cry 4", "Far Cry 5" and "Far Cry: Primal".

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