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Far cry new dawn? More like

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The bastard child of borderlands and fallout.

It's just no far cry anymore.

They should've made a new franchise, like they did with AC back then, after making too many changes to prince of Persia.

Calling it Fall Cry or whatever.

And what's up with Eden's faith? I get that it's some sort of power, but why did they go like "yeah we definitely need Superman strength in such a game."

I got it with the spiritual stuff and drugs in the previous parts, but why tf can you punch the shit out of some LMG dude and even win that fight just because some crazy cultists make you wander some path and solve some riddles while being on shrooms or something.

"You've been high as shit, now you can double jump and basically you're hulk now."

Sounds totally like far cry.

Should just been some slight rage mode or that you see enemies and animals through walls and objects (the effect you get with the hunting syringes).

Also what's up with that South African gangster style?

How tf does some movement like that suddenly move up to northern America after some nuke(s)? Makes just no sense to me.

Also it feels like they couldn't decide if they make it some cowboy style or that gangster style, as it seems. Like they got several people in the office having a midlife crises and the others are ~19 and like the gangster stuff.

Also why that 60s/70s (dunno that old stuff) music? The nuke dropped in modern times. So why should the people either go "yeah we gangsters" or "howdy boy, trimmin' ya neck beard I see?" Why is there nothing different than those two styles?

Read:  Marshal Burke didn't decline the drugs because he thought he was "clean" from the Bliss, it's because he wanted to go back.

And removing attachments for weapons was also a good idea.. not. "Yeah I can craft my own gun, but I'm too dumb to change the sight."

Ubisoft might not get that quantity ain't quality.

Just go back to FC3, remaster it and from there on just do stuff which actually fits in far cry.

You know those "simulator" games, which are all made in unity and look the same but only with slightly different tasks? That's what the far cry series will become.

Good drive-by and shooting game.

Bad far cry.

Just had to rant over this, because I expected way more after 5.

Now I'm afraid about AC Valhalla. Please don't fuck this up, Ubi. Don't make any unnecessary changes and don't add some superpowers. Spiritual stuff.. okay.. but superpowers (outside of your ingame drug trips) is a no.

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