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Far Cry/Ubisoft Rant/Opinions

I have played all Far Cry games many many times except for 1 and new dawn.Never made a post or comment on reddit before but im always reading reddit and I’m just so saddened by this game I wanted to vent as I have seen many others do.

I have also seen other posts about things people don’t like so I won’t go into those Things(eg ammo types,dogs taking 5 headshots,ai,Spawns ect..)I’ll just state my main frustrations with the game/Ubisoft.


First,some things I like about far cry 6 so its not just a hate train because they did some things well: -All the new accessibility options are awesome -Movement feels smoother -Some cool new abilities like the jump dash forward boost -Its pretty -Voice acted protagonist again -Supremos are a cool idea

————————————————— What I don’t like:

–Skill Tree/Clothing Skill tree is basically replaced with clothing because they can’t make any money off a skill tree but they can off outfits. The only reason they gave us 3rd person in camps is so they can justify selling us clothes,otherwise no one would have bought them.

There is no logic in adding skills to clothes.In old far cry games we would start off as somebody weak and gain experience as we fought our way through the country and use that experience to gain skills,that was part of the fun of the journey,similar to real life. It shouldn’t be “Hey I bought this hat today,now I magically have more stamina”. I know it’s a game and many other games have this but we never have in Far Cry thankfully,but the only reason we do now is so they can sell us more stuff. You Gain Skills By gaining experience not by buying clothes! If you got skills by buying clothes in real life,my girlfriend would be the most skilled person in the world.

——————————————————- —Microtransactions

I’ve always been okay with cosmetics as micro transactions for the most part(until they take it too far)and so are most other people as far as I’m aware.black ops 2 had $2 awesome weapons skins,I bought a lot of those.If I like and play a game I will always support it unless they start getting greedy(cough apex legends and now Far Cry 6).

Hell,If you tried to sell me a outfit for far cry 4 today I’d probably buy it even though I couldnt see it and it wouldn’t do anything.I would buy it because I loved that game and want to support it so you make more like it. So by all means try sell me some cosmetics so if I like the game I can support it.

BUT DONT fuck with the gameplay mechanics just so you can create a stupid amount of dlc items to sell at the expense of the actual game,because If I hate the game I won’t buy any of your microtransactions regardless of how many there are or what they are. It’s like they saw how much money they made off ac odyssey micros and said:“Shit,delay far cry 6 and rip it apart and make it so we can sell as many items as possible,I don’t care how it effects the game,”. So now we have no skill tree and all this other bullshit we have to deal with just so they could have more items in their shop to sell to add to their millions.

I know it sounds like I’m just mad at micro transactions but I’m not,hopefully you get the point I’m trying to make,but if not the point I’m trying to make is: All these mechanics that they’ve completely and unnecessarily changed or removed,has only been done so they can sell us more shit.it comes at the expense of what we/I loved about far cry. The mechanics which made original far crys great have been changed to cater to mechanics that can make them money rather than making the game better.

We don’t even have a fucking flashlight we can use outside of caves,or a way to change the time of day or many other things(survival mode,ng+,another difficulty setting) that they could have done instead of just focusing on how they could rework the whole game just to sell us more useless overpriced digital crap for a game that’s not even good anymore and doesn’t resemble what we came to know and love from far cry games.


I could go on for days about this game,I shortened this as much as I could but I’m hope you get my point.As obvious as it is that they just want more money,I am just baffled by how egregiously it was done and this and many other things about the game has Far Cry and Ubisoft for me

So now Ubisoft has joined Bethesda and EA on my no buy list,but thankfully this game is still better than fallout 76.(Although fallout 76 does have a flashlight lol).

Thanks for reading if you got this far,I know some people love the game and I don’t want to take anything away from that at all.I’m just so guttered.


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