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FC4 – Effect of siding with one person the whole campaign versus swapping per choice.

Content of the article: "FC4 – Effect of siding with one person the whole campaign versus swapping per choice."

I'm playing Far Cry 4 on PC, started it years ago and just decided to start over. I had a simple question regarding the choose your path mechanic.

Most of the guides and forum posts I've seen relating to this are written as if you choose Sabal or Amita to side with, and then that's your choice for the campaign, whereas the reality is that you're given the choice for each mission.

Obviously, at least early on where I am, Sabal and Amita have pretty clear and contrasting ideologies that they've been pretty consistent with for the whole game, so I can see how it would be expected that the majority of players would side with the same person for the whole game, but I'm wondering if siding with the same person for each choice versus swapping sides as I desire has any effect on the Amita/Sabal part of the story, or if it's largely inconsequential. I know that a lot of (likely most) games with branching storyline have an illusion of choice whereas only a few or maybe just one choice actually dictates what happens. While I'm not hugely invested in the story, I've been trying to avoid major spoilers. FC4 has hit a point of monotony gameplay-wise, so seeing the story through and cheevos is about the only motivation I have left. Morality or personal beliefs isn't really a factor; I've read enough to know they both end up being kinda shitty.

My suspicion is that branching story is a diamond, not a triangle, and that the middle of the story branches, but comes back to the same place and doesn't really matter what you do. If someone can simply confirm this, I can rest easy and not dwell on the choices. If anyone's done both siding with one person and changing sides, that'd be even better.

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Playing FC4 a second time isn't going to beat out the backlog of games I've never even installed, so I'd rather get a decent storyline my first time through. I'm very slightly paranoid that if I flip flop who I side with, I'll be punished and get some indecisive/neither ending to the Sabal/Amita plot.

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