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Finished New Dawn 5 and 3 all at hardest difficulty this summer

Content of the article: "Finished New Dawn 5 and 3 all at hardest difficulty this summer"

I’ll give a short summary of what I think so far:

Far Cry 5 was my first Far Cry game ever, got it on sale on epic earlier this summer. Probably the best looking of the ones I’ve played, has the most content, diverse world, only issue was even on infamous it was the easiest of the far cry’s I’ve played so far. Also the story was relatively weak and kind of went a bit crazy especially towards the end, I think there was a lot of potential for it to be serious from the start. I really like how story progression is tied to doing side missions and outposts as I really felt how diverse the 3 regions, locations, and characters were.

Far Cry New Dawn is the second Far Cry I’ve played and it was enjoyable although it really should’ve been DLC to 5. This was definitely harder than 5 because while you don’t die too quickly on Hard Ass enemies sponge bullets, doing the tier 3 outposts was also a bit challenge because elite enemies could not be permanently tagged and their long range of detection caused me to reload my outposts more times than I can count. Story was a bit weak and crazy and really disappointed me based on the potential I saw in 5s cliff hanger, none of the characters from 5 really had satisfying outcomes in my opinion. Although I really liked how it took place in the same setting as 5 so it was really interesting reading all the notes and lore and visiting old locations like Johns bunker to help Selene. The lack of side missions was pretty disappointing but the expedition missions were pretty cool. Alcatraz and that abandoned theme park come to mind.

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Far Cry 3 on Master was definitely the hardest I’ve played so far especially in the South Island. I think the progression in difficulty throughout story missions was perfect. Definitely the best story and a fairly long one at that. I didn’t find myself doing much side stuff only when needed like upgrading my holsters and loot bag. I completed the whole story without many radio towers activated and no outposts done except the first one. A lot of the locations are fairly bland and repetitive despite far cry 3 having the most beautiful setting. None of the outposts I did post game were that memorable and the radio towers are pretty repetitive, a lot of the side missions weren’t too unique like the assassination missions and supply drop missions. Far cry 3 definitely shined in its story and characters, protagonist was great, vaas and Hoyt were great, buck was weird but great as a character, Sam Becker was also a good companion in the South Island. This game probably defines far cry, person stranded in jungle gradually becoming an unstoppable monster, Jason would easily kill the Deputy and whoever the New Dawn protagonist was and I really felt Jason getting stronger from the start though the tattoo system, the lack of unique vehicles and having to craft everything was also appropriate for the setting.

My general thoughts are 5 is the best structured and has most content, new Dawn isn’t worth playing unless you want more out of 5 but I wouldn’t recommend it if you want a full experience. 3 has the best story and progression. I’m looking forward to try Far cry 4 since it looks like it has a good story and likely the most fun gameplay in the series. Probably will try 2 and 1 also but from what I can see they’re very different than the future titles.

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