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Good times in the Hope County jail

Content of the article: "Good times in the Hope County jail"

After being bored (and broke) at home this holiday season, some of the best FC5 moments I've seen happened at the jail. For instance:

– Climbing a ladder as a resistance member is climbing down. Apparently this knocks people off ladders as you climb up beneath them. I climbed into the woman and she fell off with an overdramatic shout, next thing I know the whole camp is shooting at me. Like… bitch, it's a 2m fall, you'll live. Chill.

– After getting the NPCs to calm their tits after above incident, I picked up the body of a dead resistance member (who died nobly in the crossfire) and placed it on top of the barrel fire. Dude sees me do that and shouts "YOU FUCKING FUCK!" Who would've known this pisses them off? More shooting ensues.

– Kicking the door repeatedly into resistance members on the other side of said door until they start loosing there shit and screaming about peggies for some reason.

– Downing Virgil then picking up his shotgun and swapping it with my fully modded SPAS-12. Revive him and he picks up my dropped super-weapon. This doesn't always work with NPCs, but in his case it does. Still, man looked like a total beast rocking this thing.

– Recruiting beast mode Virgil by throwing rocks at resistance until they get pissed and shoot: I stand behind Virgil as they shoot me, friendly fire is observed and he retaliates. The entire jail versus SPAS-12 equipped Virgil was no contest.

– Air dropping on the jail and landing precisely on an NPC guarding the wall of the jail (you won't die if you land directly on top of someone). He turns around and just says "Howdy Ma'am" like it's everyday shit.

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– Air dropping once more except this time using a parachute and positioning myself directly above a fighter: Then shooting a friendly to antagonize myself so that I can close the parachute and perform a death from above on the unexpecting "enemy". Damn this felt good.

– Recruiting a GFH, then killing a jail member discretely. Order the GFH to shoot the downed NPC and they will actually pump clip after clip of bullets into the downed NPC. This is great because everyone will target your GFH (but not you) and you can watch them initiate war with the whole camp.

– Discretely killing jail members and piling their bodies in the shop doorway of the jail. Make a pile of bodies high enough, then threaten the shop keeper and stand back as she can't leave her counter to go shoot you.

– Lighting myself ablaze by standing on top of the barrel fire, no one gives a damn as you run around in flames. I run up and talk to the Sheriff, and he just stares and talks about the Moose being in season or some shit like that while I am burned alive.

– I kamikazed a plane into the jail but jumped out before it crashed. As I parachuted down I noticed a downed Tracey stuck beneath the plane rubble. Everyone kept saying they were "coming to help" but no one could reach her. They just stand around the rubble looking confused.

– I stood outside the Veterinarian dude's office and punched the glass open. He's all like "WhatTheFuckWasThat?!?!" then I toss a molotov inside. He burns alive, then when downed the other jail members keep running in to help. Not realizing the entire office is in flames and they meet the same fate. Rinse and repeat and there's like a room full of bodies while the entire jail goes batshit.

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– Shoot the Marshal when he's in bed in the infirmary, then immediately revive him. He gets up and walks around like he was never bedbound in the first place. The best part about this is that the man will literally exit the jail and walk around. You can then follow him and go on adventures together.

– I also managed to get the Sheriff out of the jail; lure peggies outside and he will leave the jail to fight them. After the fight he walked around outside just like the Marshal. They both lose their invincibility after leaving the jail area, so it's fun to see how long the last out there in the real world.

– Sticking a C4 onto the chair just outside the shop entrance. Stand back, then when Mr. Sheriff parks his ass on it… It's boom time. Like what, did he not see it? This takes whoopie cushioning to a whole new level.

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