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I finished far cry 5 like ten minutes ago and i’m confused beyond belief, i don’t think i understand the story very well (MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS)

Content of the article: "I finished far cry 5 like ten minutes ago and i’m confused beyond belief, i don’t think i understand the story very well (MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS)"


I started playing Far Cry 5 a week ago. that's right, a week. i have absolutely nothing to do other than school, and i've been playing this game an unhealthy amount. recently finished, i absolutely adore it in all of its qualities. but i'm really confused about the ending, and i really want to get it cleared up so i can understand the storyline better.

For context, i chose the resist ending, because fuck joseph. but the ending makes you realize that joseph was right, and that the world got nuked in the end and the collapse really did happen and the bunkers had a purpose, etc. etc.

but what i don't get is how that ending is supposed to… well, make sense, in general. how did joseph know it was coming? right, "the word of God", but why wouldn't he tell us what the collapse actually was? and if it was something as extreme as a nuclear war, wouldn't there be any sort of indicator that it was coming for hope county that somebody other than the four seeds would be able to pick up?

in addition, joseph pleads for you to stop in the end and says "I told you so" and makes me look like the bad guy… well, i don't think i am. you see, we didn't really know that a fucking nuclear war was coming. to any normal person, the cult looked like exactly what it was called, a cult. they were killing people for really sketchy reasons, forcing you to join, had a vague vision of the end of the world, and worst of all, wanted a holocaust of the weak and a harvest of the strong (jacob's vision). any sane person wouldn't support that. and in the end, it wasn't even right in the first place.

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the reason i'm so adamant on the fact that i'm still a hero even though the country got nuked is because what eden's gate did is inherently wrong. they killed innocent people, kidnapped families, stole, forced people into hiding, and all for a reason that wasn't really conveyed until they had forced devotion to them either via the bliss or indoctrination. no, the ending didn't make me feel like a bad guy, because if joseph really wanted to be a good person, he would have informed the political leaders, and had any evidence other than "the word of God" to back up his claims. i'm an atheist and i know for a fact i wouldn't initially trust this guy, because:

a. to me, i have no reason to believe that any sort of "collapse" is coming since i'm just living normally, drinkin beers and hanging out with hurk in montana

b. he sounds exactly like a rambling extremist who has evil expectations, and whether he is one or not, it's not his fault to blame others for not trusting his word. i feel like this is the perspective that the protagonist of the story also experiences.

think of it this way: a weird kid in your science class said that the experiment you're doing is going to fail, and you don't listen to him because you don't really have any reason to; he didn't tell you why, he didn't tell you how, all he said was that it's gonna fail and that it's gonna explode in your face. he starts taking the stuff away from your table to prevent this from happening. you'd be confused, angry, and want your stuff back, right? you think this kid's crazy. he has nothing to back up his claims. you think you're doing everything just fine, and you don't have any reason to believe anything's coming because the teacher and other classmates didn't tell you you were doing something wrong. then a bird comes crashing through the window, knocks over a glass beaker of explosive material, and the entire experiment sets off a hydrogen bomb that decimates your entire city. that's not really your fault, is it? it's a vague case of "the boy who cried wolf", and your actions are justified by the fact that you became cynical to the notions that something bad was happening. cynicism isn't really a bad thing, imo.

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anyway, back to far cry. you've liberated hope county. everybody you know is happy. personally, i couldn't find any people across the map that didn't have the voice line "Gee, I'm sure glad there ain't any Peggies 'round here anymore". you didn't really kill anyone that wasn't converted and wanted to kill you (you didn't have the option at any point in time to actually join the cult in the first place).

i don't see how at any point in time the rook could see joseph as a good person. as someone in a youtube comment section wrote: "Joseph Seed: "Not every problem can be solved with a bullet." Also Joseph Seed: tortures, murders, brainwashes, nukes his own state". Is the game trying to make me seem like the bad guy in the end? Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love every part of it, but i don't really understand the meaning of the "resist" ending. is it just a weird plot twist that doesn't fit with the story, or does it have some hidden meaning about the protagonist that i haven't touched on? please let me know! thank you! sorry for the long post.

TL;DR I don't understand the resist ending. am i the bad guy? or is joseph still stupid? was i supposed to know they'd drop nukes? did i really do anything wrong by destroying eden's gate? their actions were still fucking horrible in all senses regardless of what was coming. i don't think they really saved anyone other than their beliefs.

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