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I finished New Dawn! I wish Far Cry 5 had used some elements from this

(Edit: I just realised how stupid the heading is, I didn't mean to make it sound like I thought New Dawn came first.)

I thought the game was a wild wide and I love how consistent it felt compared to the previous game. It was a bit awkward getting used to the crafting system after being allowed to just buy weapons after a while, but at least it gave me an opportunity to explore the whole range of weapons instead of just saving up for the best weapons in the game within the first ten to twenty minutes. Seriously, what was up with that? It felt like cheating, it wasn't even that expensive, and they looked nicer!

Anyway, I didn't use the garage much as the game didn't have much use for helicopters and I already had vehicle provided by uPlay.

I liked the characters, but I wanted the Judge to be expanded upon a little bit and not just a few notes, everyone hated the ending of the previous and I felt like he deserved more than just a couple notes to describe the aftermath. I also wanted Joseph to be involved a little more. The game forgot about my favourite specialist Jess! Apparently she would have been 44 if she survived. I liked the Nick, Kim and Carmina dynamic though. I thought that was quite wholesome.

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And, of course, I like that they dropped the forced missions. It would have been a nightmare if some of those missions were forced. I wasn't a huge fan of the ranking system, but it does make for post-game challenges so there is that, at least. It also gives you the feeling of progression, even if it does mean some highwaymen have impenetrable skulls.

I preferred the highwaymen over New Eden's militia, listening to awesome music instead of some cultist nerd talking out of his arse. Overall, the OST was amazing and added to the tone of some missions. I realise this opinion is probably dependant on the age of players, but I fucking loathed the song Jacob used to brainwash people. It's also used in an episode of Gangs of London, and it was played on repeat in that too! Some of the music in Faith's region was cool, but nothing else was too memorable outside.

So as much as I enjoyed my time with these two games, I'm glad the saga ended with New Dawn, or so I hope it has. I wouldn't want this to turn into the Walking Dead.

Bugsnax is a strange code-name for the new Far Cry game, but we'll see where it goes.

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