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In the Middle of Far Cry 4 – Does It Get Better?

Content of the article: "In the Middle of Far Cry 4 – Does It Get Better?"

This is the first game in the Far Cry series I've played, but I'm very familiar with open world games like assassins creed. That may be the reason why I'm so burnt out. Every mission is "go there, kill some guys, get the thing, return it to me." There is a lot of content, sure, but once you get your 4 weapon slots unlocked you discover that you can pretty much beat the game spamming health with an AR, LMG, and RPG, so there's no real incentive to assassinate anyone or carry supplies for $. Even the fortresses are pretty easy if you utilize cover. As for the outposts and radio towers, they get old fast. The bulk of the content just seems silly and repetitive, and it feels like I've played this game before since titles like just cause and assassins creed are so similar in their content. Unlike the fallout games that have unique and in depth locations to explore, whenever you "liberate" a radio tower and the camera sweeps over the new areas there is nothing worth checking out, just some loot (which you already have plenty of as even the original ak is super viable so again, no real reason to grind for weapons).

The story isn't very captivating as the game gives you no real reason to care if the golden path wins or loses. Only Pagan Min is interesting but you don't even get to spend any time around him, just the two leaders who have the personality of wet bread, although one of them will cuss you out for making a choosing one of the two options you were forced into. The stale main character may as well use grunts instead of speaking, as far as I'm concerned he's a non factor and I don't care about his mother's ashes. The side characters aren't that interesting either. There's that guy who is basically a dumb frat dude, and I think he tries a little too hard to be funny. Longinus is just cringe and is like a value menu version Joshua Graham from FNV. The graphics are beautiful and I love the gunplay, but I'm just about tired of everything else. Does anyone feel the same way? I know this won't be popular as I'm posting on a subreddit for Far Cry fans, but I can't help but not be drawn into this game despite how beautiful it is visually.

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