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Is Ajay Ghale the worse protagonist ever?

Content of the article: "Is Ajay Ghale the worse protagonist ever?"

Honstly I thought this the first time I played this game but found the disk a few days ago after a few years since I last played it. So decided to stick it on. I have to say I'm again pretty atonished at how stupid a character this guy is. There's so many stupid things he says and does that I'd be here all day listing it. Most however fall into two reasons:

  • My biggest issue. Why does he aimlessly take orders from Sabal and Amita like some lap dog? They literally order him around at times like a dog . To do anything. He'll kill & kidnap anyone, destroy anything they order him to without once questioning any of it. He'll take down whole battalions by himself at their order. In fact how do they even know he's capable of these crazy one man missions when they first meet him? (see my second point).

What makes it worse is he knew so little about the civil war, the figureheads etc but just arrived and decided "Oh yeah. I'll just take orders from these two idiots just because my dad use to lead their group…a group I also know close to nothing about". He actually does this with pretty much every other character he meets too, like Willis and Longinus. They'll order him to go somewhere and kill a whole bunch of guys and Ajay will just mindlessly go and do it. Sometimes without even saying so much as an "Ok". He'll listen to the order silently and just walk off to go and do whatever Rambo mission it is. Like some mindless killbot.

  • Secondly WHY is Ajay even capable of doing these things? Is he a super soldier? This might sound a mute point but it actually really bugs me. If him just suddenly deciding to go out and kill thousands of soliders singlehandedly wasn't bad enough….he can ACTUALLY do it. For no reason explained or shown in game. If at some point in the start he'd said some throw away comment like "Yeah when I was in delta…" I would probably have thought hmmm still a bit of stretch to do all this shit but at least there's a reason. But there literally is NO reason given ingame.
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I loved that in Far Cry 3 you started off a scared kid but it's then revealed that Jason is essentially special, has been his whole life but now when the chips are down, it finally awakens. The tattoos allow him to tap into that tribal power. Essentially Jason has powers. He IS a super soldier. He's basically a white black panther. You see Far Cry 3 embraced it's super natural, comic book like elements. But Ajay on the other hand just does this stuff without any explanation of his clear powers, which actually surpasses Jason's.

Now I'd actually be able to tolerate the second point if the first didn't exist. Like if Ajay had been given the opportunity to oust Sabal & Amita and lead the golden path himself. I mean seriously… after the first few outposts you single handedly take (something the golden path could seemingly never achieve before you came along), add to the fact your bloodline heritage – I'm pretty sure a healthy majority of the golden path would have no problem crowning you their leader. In fact with the things Ajay achieves in the game he should be seen as a god-like, mythical figure to the people of Kyrat. But instead you remain a killing lap dog till the end.

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I've never played the sequels. Surely the subsequent protagonist (and story as a whole) after this game are better?

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