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Is anyone else concerned for the character portrayal of Far Cry 6?

Content of the article: "Is anyone else concerned for the character portrayal of Far Cry 6?"

Since Vaas' massive outburst in popularity among the community, Ubisoft has very obviously focused most of their writing efforts on the series' villains, rather than their protagonists or supporting characters. I've been replaying FC5 recently, and I believe it to be the most exemplary of the issue. Jacob Seed has philosophy, morals, methods, mannerisms, history, relationships – he's a fantastic tertiary villain sadly neutered by the characters he antagonizes. I can't name a single friendly NPC in the Whitetail Mountains section of the story, and those are the characters that are meant to compliment the villain: his actions are strengthened in their emotional impact by the love the player should have for their companions, and when the player doesn't care about the villain's victims, the villain ceases to engage emotionally with the player.

My main point is: I expect fantastic writing, development, and performance of Giancarlo Esposito's villain in the next game. What I don't expect, however, is a reason to care outside of that. Give me a character, affected by said villain, who is well written and not interchangeable with about half of the cast as FC5's friendly NPCs were.

Maybe I'm missing the point. It worked in FC3, didn't it? You only cared about Vaas and Citra, but that worked because the game's story was written around Jason and the player being sucked further into the island, balancing the disconnect both the player and the protagonist feel from Jason's life outside the island. And maybe they're trying to make that a running theme, y'know? FC4 and 5's best endings both are achieved by doing nothing at the start, referencing the player's desire to engage with the gameplay no matter the in universe cost, but they then proceed to litter the story with supposedly emotional moments with characters you care nothing about. They're trying to tell a different story while still shackled to the series conventions that FC3 established in order to tell its own.

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All in all, I'm just hoping for a non-antagonist character written as strongly as the antagonist is.

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