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It sounds like Far Cry 6 will not be a dinosaur game. I’m a little bummed to be honest.

I’ve been playing the hell out of these games since 3. I’m hearing rumors of a tropical setting and drug cartels etc. I love these games but I just feel like I’ve seen things like this. We’ve had a couple “foreign conflict game with drugs” games already. And wildlands was a somewhat similar Ubi cartel game too. What will set Far Cry 6 apart? Yes it’s early to judge but we’ve had drugs in all of these games.

Primal to me felt different and the permadeath survival settings felt like a stepping stone to altering the formula. This may sound far fetched but some kind of time travel story to a dinosaur era in the past (cretaceous probably) would provide the best options for gameplay innovation. There could be two competing factions, one could send a military force back to stabilize Earth’s timeline after it is attacked etc. I see all the games we’ve gotten and I can’t help but think tanks and T-rexes (and destructible environments perhaps?) would really make the franchise feel fresh again.

I did enjoy 5. I think these games are good in general but I am really feeling a formula after playing so many.

After seeing what these developers did with such a short time on Primal, and reworking assets, I thought they really brought to life a prehistoric world. I think a dinosaur era prehistoric world with some modern tech and some human enemies would be amazing. It would be amazing to see a T rex knocking down trees and it would be epic to climb a tree to escape raptors.

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These games have shown a real emphasis on wildllife they have some of the best in gaming. I really think these devs could knock a dinosaur-era world out of the park if they had enough time.

Maybe I’m alone here. I’m sure whatever we get will be fun but I’m aching for another prehistoric world from these developers, personally.

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