Far Cry 5

Jesus, no pun intended, that ending. Absolute spoilers.

Content of the article: "Jesus, no pun intended, that ending. Absolute spoilers."

TL:DR didn't like it.

I'm really not sure what they were trying for with this ending. It was a definite FU to the player, for reasons I can't fathom.

The Seeds were very well written. I enjoyed listening to Vaas, Hoyt and Pagan Min for sure, but while I was sure they were going to die at my hand, I was entertained by them, easily the equal of a Bond villian. But the Seeds were just so smug and conceited. There were one or two cut scenes I had to skip because I couldn't stand listening to them. No entertainment, just people who you couldn't tell if they believed their own hokum or not. And a reminder that they were shits who had to be stopped.

And it made it all the more satisfying to take down the first three, especially that sadist John who couldn't hide his glee at times. I never thought that I'd removed someone who was bringing a lot of life to the game like Vaas or Pagan Min. Joseph was sickly evil, while at the same time never once making it sound like there was anything redeeming. I just wanted him to die.

Then finally, I'm shown the friend's and allies I'd worked all game to free and their community, going up in flames along with the world. And where am I? Trapped, fading to darkness, with the man you'd actually had opportunity to just shoot dead more than once. Wow. Message received Ubisoft, f***-me.

I mean, there's not even a "good" choice in there. I spoilered myself and checked the other endings, all equally awful. And you have to buy the spin off title to get any closure on the Deputy and Joseph? Ha!

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So it brought a different tone to the game, a Far Cry game after all. That might be fine, same familiar mechanics, different surroundings. But I still expected a certain something from Far Cry. Like a James Bond movie. And yes, that franchise moved on, but that's against a backdrop of movies and TV that moved on further and did it better.

Did I enjoy playing the game? Right up until the ending, yes. Would I play it again? No. Would I recommend it? Barely.

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