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Just finished Far Cry 6, enjoyed it, but there are some critiques.

First off, I throughly enjoyed FC6, the performances were top notch, the story was engaging, and the gunplay was pretty satisfying. That being said, there are some things I’ve picked up on that could have been changed or implemented differently.

1: The ability to summon a ride form your weapon wheel renders the ground vehicle pickup points…pointless.

2: You only really need an amour piercing pistol to clear outposts.

2.5: There are many outposts that were too large for the number of enemies placed and their relative placement inside the outpost (lots of empty space).

2.5.5: There were many more interesting and contextually(?) appropriate locations that could’ve been outposts instead.

3: The lack of human GFH. I realise that in FC5 they were extremely aggressive, which would have rendered the weapon holstering mechanic useless (as you would constantly be getting into fights). There could have been a in-story reason as to why you’d have no human support (Not enough Guerrillas to spare?).

4: The weapon wheel layout, it’s very odd.

4.5: there are too many guns.

5: The developers seemed to take a leaf out of New Dawns book, and squeeze everything onto the one wheel. Whereas in FC5, the guns and throwable items had their own wheel, and the equipment and consumables had their own wheel. Because of this choice, and some others, it occasionally felt like I was playing New Dawn 0.5 (if that makes sense).

6: The resolver weapons are the one thing (aesthetically at least) that bled over from New Dawn, that probably shouldn’t have (the patchwork weapon look works in that game because of the context).

6.5: The supremos make slightly more sense that the resolver weapons, but there should have been an option in the menu to toggle them on/off (visually) for cutscenes.

7: It feels like they tried to mix FC3 & 4’s emphasis on hunting for crafting with 5 and ND’s emphasis on hunting for money together, which seemed to result in not needing to hunt for crafting, but also not really needing to hunt for money either, as you find it so abundantly in the world.

8: Gear skills/abilities should have complimented the skill tree abilities (if there was one) instead of replacing it. E.g a wrist gear piece could have boosted a skill tree ability (climbing or reload speed for instance).

9: A friendly character did not need to die in each region (Jonron and El Tigre for instance). It got a little repetitive.

10: it might have just been me, but the way the message that appears once you’ve recruited a faction reads (X will fight with Libertad), almost implies that there was and idea at one stage of development, that if enough things went badly in X region (eg missions failing etc) that the faction wouldn’t end up fighting with Libertad.

(I think that’s everything, at the moment) but apart from what I’ve listed above, I did enjoy FC6 (may not look like it), but it was very enjoyable.

PS: the treasure hunts and radio stations were awesome.

PPS: also decided not to mention the inability to switch ammo types on the go, or that bows are fairly useless in 6.


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