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Major FPS drop sometimes when on the store and options menu ONLY

Content of the article: "Major FPS drop sometimes when on the store and options menu ONLY"

I don't know how to describe this properly. So whenever I find a wandering vendor in the game world and I decide to buy or switch weapons, after a few seconds the menu starts dropping the framerate HARD. Like if I just leave it alone it'll hit single digits. The funny thing is that if I exit the store or menu, the actual game runs just fine. This issue only occurs in the menus. After this triggers, if I decide to go to the video options menu again and stay on there for a few seconds, then my framerate starts crawling down again! I've been playing the game for two weeks now, and so far from what I can tell this has started when I switched my power plan in Windows 10 to "High Performance" last night. But even when I change it back to "Balanced" the problem still persists.

I've been monitoring my GPU and CPU usage and temperatures and I haven't seen any funny business. I've tried reinstalling the game, even moving it from my ssd to my hdd to no avail. I've tried a clean nvidia driver install but that didn't change much. I'm having a really tough time troubleshooting this.

I have an RTX 2060 SUPER with the 451.67 driver. A Ryzen 5 3600. 16 GB RAM. Windows 10. My computer is this prebuilt from Skytech.

Like I said, I just starting having this problem after changing my power plan. I never had this issue when I've been playing this game for the past two weeks. I don't know what or where to look when this problem triggers.

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edit: I dont' even have to shop with the vendor. Just being in her presence triggers this fps drop in the menus.

edit2: This seems to only be occuring in Jacob's region and near Drubmans Marina as well. If I go to the other regions my menu FPS stays at 60 fps. What I failed to mention is that I was playing the game with the resistance mod when the issue began. But even when I removed the mod it still lingered. I want to speculate that maybe my save got corrupted or something.

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