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Marshal Burke didn’t decline the drugs because he thought he was “clean” from the Bliss, it’s because he wanted to go back.

Content of the article: "Marshal Burke didn’t decline the drugs because he thought he was “clean” from the Bliss, it’s because he wanted to go back."

Marshal Burke was depressed.

So from what we know the Bliss or Faith can control peoples minds and actions as seen by the Marshal when he appears on TV, when he shoots Virgil and when Earl comes under the influence as well.

Yet in the Boat sequence it seems like Marshal Burke isn't under any influence, like he genuinely wants to be there. Once he starts his rather relatable speech he goes on to say,

"I'm done with being the Yes man. I'm done with being the Errand Boy. And I'm done with being the Garbage Collector." (Metaphorically referring to putting away criminals).

"Because…if that is real life, then what is the point?

We can also see that Marshal Burke is religious by the Golden Cross Neckless he wears. This may be an indication he might have tried to find peace through Religion after struggling with depression. If you haven't noticed Marshal Burke also has a tattoo of what appears to be a Lion on his right forearm, which when the meaning of that is searched, it comes up with courage.

"As such, one of the most common meanings of a lion tattoo is to convey the bravery and courage of the bearer. These tattoos often signify a fearless individual or mark overcoming a challenge through courage." (Which may suggest Marshal Burke's struggle with depression and his willingness or in this case courage to overcome it).

Now I believe the reason why Marshal Burke fell so easily to the Bliss is because it was the only thing that truly made him happy as indicated by a line he spoke during the Boat sequence,

"This place gave me the chance to become something I thought I could never be: Happy."

Another point I would like to bring out is when Marshal Burke is "saved" from passing through the gates and wakes up, he is adamant that he can come out of the Bliss clean and does not want the drugs to take the side off. But why is this?

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Because Marshal Burke WANTED to go back. That feeling of worthlessness, just being another Errand Boy, being the Garbage Collector and the presence of that internal conflict were all erased while he was in the Bliss. If he was so sad in that real life he lived, why wouldn't he want to go back. Once a taste of that was given to him it was already too late to save him.

The final point is when Marshal Burke kills himself. Now some might say,

"Well it was obvious that Faith was controlling him when he killed Virgil and opened the gate."

Yes that it true, because I seriously doubt it Marshal Burke would just up-and-kill Virgil out of nowhere. Faith only used Marshal Burke because:

  • He was in the same room with the gate controls.
  • He was still under the effect of the bliss after not taking the drugs.
  • He was the easiest to control, because he wanted to go back.

That last dot point is evidenced by Marshal Burke's last line before he kills himself,

"I told you, I didn't want to leave."

At the beginning Faith is controlling the words coming out of his mouth, yet notice when she stops controlling his words Marshal Burke says the before mentioned line and commits suicide. Indicating that indeed; he never wanted to leave.

Here is videos of Marshal Burke in the Boat and Marshal Burke killing himself for reference –

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