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My Far Cry Experience So Far…

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I can say that I'm a casual newcomer to the series. My first Far Cry was 4. I was kind of hard to get to because it felt… so artificial(?) I never got to finish it. The controls were clunky for me, and I got overwhelmed by the stuff that you can do, which brought the focus out of the story. Plus, I hated the animals that randomly kill you… which brings me to the irony that my favorite Far Cry so far is actually Primal (lol). After seeing Howtobasic's video (oddly enough, that convinced me to buy it), I basically went and gave Far Cry a second chance and I loved it! There's something about staying away from modern guns and sticking to stealth + bow that made me appreciate the amount of detail they put in. Plus you can tame the animals so my back is covered by my trusty sabertooth.

After playing Primal twice, I decided not to touch another Far Cry game again but then I was intrigued by the cult aspect of FC5, so I went with it. It just seemed like a fun action game that basically draws you in with the beautiful graphics and moment-to-moment action. Somehow, this felt less of a clutter than 4, and the missions are actually engaging and fun…. until New Dawn.

I love sequels. I love when I see references to the predecessor of something, let alone a game. I love how you can swim through John's bunker, see Joseph all old and wilted, and even see your former character! My only gripe with New Dawn is it started taking itself too seriously again. I mean, FC5 had a mission about obtaining bull testicles… That was very… interesting to say the least.

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So I guess, it's been quite an enjoyable ride which I didn't expect at all. Considering the feedback I've heard from a lot of people that Far Cry is a copy-paste game that "lost its soul back in Far Cry 2". I never got to play any other FC games and I don't plan to, but can you guys maybe enlighten me on the hate for the newer FC games? I mean, they sure are fun, aren't they? I would disagree that they're copy-paste games because Primal is vastly different from FC5. And FC5 and New Dawn are connected so they're bound to have similarities. I just don't think it's fair to universally hate on these games, but I'm not that deep into the rabbit hole of Far Cry as much as I am with Assassin's Creed, so any insight would be appreciated.

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