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My random notes from my first session of gameplay (i find critiquing shit fun)

Content of the article: "My random notes from my first session of gameplay (i find critiquing shit fun)"

Bad – mouse desync in menu Bad – no seperated motion blur setting Bad – no seperated dof setting Meh – weird animation issue with enemy in tutorial Meh – why doesnt the protagonist grab the knife he uses to kill that guy? Meh – how the hell does he not slip at all when going across the bridge Meh – very lucky fall into a river Good – dennis is pretty cool Meh – Weird arm clipping Bad – the mouse changes size and teleports between sub menus. Why not just have 1 cursor for everything? Meh – For a 2012 game it struggles to keep 60fps Bad – no ads multiplier setting Bad – no toggle ads option, despite it being in the config files. If you took the time to implement it, why not have it in the final build? Meh – no walk button, its a chore to follow Meh – why is the minimap so far away from the corner/close to the center of the screen without calibration settings to sort out the hud? Meh – why cant i climb over this non barbed fence? Meh – why make me hold to open boxes? Fine if there is a synced animation for it that locks you in place but the animation is just a box opening. Good – looks pretty good for a 2012 game, despite a few frame drops. Meh – this towers’ railing goes up to my knee at highest Meh – a lot of the audio seems quite compressed or badly mixed. Especially noticable on voices and vehicles Bad – q u i c k t i m e. E v e n t s. Good – tattoos correlating with upgrades is pretty cool. Bad – pause menu and view tip are the same key. I dont want to spam esc 5 times before changing my sensitivity Meh – gun play feels a little clunky and the recoil is a bit annoying but its 8 years old which is fair Good – despite that, picking off enemies at a distance in a more stealth based way is really nice, the ironsights are good to use. (In some cases. I got a pistol upgrade and have used a suppressed pistol for stealth. The game either doesnt have super accurate ironsights or it has terrible hit reg for headshots, which are a pain in stealth) Meh – cant stop sprinting unless you stop moving. A lot of things like this make this obvious that it is a quick port to pc. Good – has a very consistent feeling of being on your toes when moving around the world. The island feels very alive compared to others. Meh – protag goes from the first mission having never killed anyone and scared of it to being fine with slaughtering an outpost after the first one. Meh – the game was probably designed with lower res in mind, but the minimap icons are huge. Good – cutscenes are beautiful for the time of release. (Are they mocapped?) Bad – u g h ive heard this same free stock door opening sound like 30 billion timessssssssss (i better not hear the happy wheels glass break.wav) Meh – dissapointing that segmented ziplines make you come off at every stop. Makes sense but… come on man… Meh – cave mushrooms is the most vague thing… Good – everything to do with water, boats, jetskis, swimming, feels very nice. Bad, in vehicles your fov is shrunk Good – like the use of camera in stealth Bad – so there are patrols all around the boat, but noone is even on the boat looking down for people Meh – the night sight’s icon in the shop looks like an actual holo/red dot sight. Bit annoying that that isnt actually what it is Bad – the game always seems super inconsistent with when you fail and go back to a checkpoint. Reinforcements will still arrive, but noone will have been alerted of your presence. Enemies you have killed, even if the checkpoint is before the kill, will still be dead, but the tagged enemies reset so u have to retag them.

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Overall, decent first impressions, even though its a pretty meh port on the technical side of things. Wish me luck for the rest of the game boiz.

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